Marketing 101

So, here we go.

The main key to marketing
effectively is understanding your value – the value your prospect sees. People
don’t buy things they don’t need; especially these days. You have to speak to
their pain, their need. So, try this quick exercise:

Write down the following –

 What do you sell? What’s the product or

Now, why would I buy it?
What problem does it help me solve or avoid? Why would I want it or need it?

Stefanie Frank of Initiative
Based Writing was my guest on Accelerate Your Business Growth Radio Show on
October 10, 2011. She shared this tactic – keep asking yourself ‘so what?’ And
keep answering that question. This will help you get down to the root of value.

Once you have this
information you can start crafting your message. Your message must speak to the
value or once again, no one will buy your product/service. Marketing messages
should be short, concise, and to the point. Say it and get out of the way. One
mistake small business owners make is saying way too much. The message gets

So, practice the KISS method

The next step is to get the
message out. You want your message to be where your prospects are. Once you
know the value you can identify who it is valuable to. Now that you know who,
ask yourself ‘where are they?’

I am often asked to
advertise in various periodicals and programs. My first question is always –
who is reading it? Who is receiving it? If the answer isn’t small business
owners and business leaders, I take a pass. Don’t get caught up in the idea
that you have to be everywhere – you don’t! You need to be in the right places.

You have a great marketing
avenue with social media. Ask yourself where your prospects hang out and
communicate online; what are they reading, commenting on, sharing? Then go
there, with your message, consistently.

Conventional wisdom says you
have to be in front of your prospects at least 7 times in order to make an
impression. However, you can’t be SELLING 7 times. So, get creative on how you
show up. You want them to get used to you, to see you as an expert in your
field and therefore want to be engaged with you.

Earlier I said you have to
be consistent. You can’t do one thing and wait for it to work. Marketing is
about gaining exposure and credibility. You want to be top of mind when someone
is ready to make a buying decision. There’s no question that it’s work. It just
doesn’t have to be hard work!

Follow the steps outlined
here and then build on them. Get yourself out there. Remember – you can’t sell
if you aren’t marketing. WellScience Articles, you can but it’s a heck of a lot harder! And
less fruitful.