Male Low Libido – Physical and Psychological Causes that You Must Know


Libido means “desire, longing, fancy, or lust” in Latin. It has been integrated into the English language in the last 500 years. It started to be commonly used around the early 1900s when Sigmund Freud and other psychoanalysts applied the term to psychic energy or drive, and especially to the sexual instinct. Thus, a low libido may be broadly defined as a lack of interest in sex.Physical ReasonsA man’s performance (or lack thereof) in bed may sometimes be due to tiredness or chronic physical pain. Surprisingly, chief among the reasons why men feel tired and unable to perform is exhaustion, with lack of sleep a close second. Intercourse may, at times, be a physically demanding activity. After a hard day’s work, some men simply find it hard to muster enthusiasm for anything more strenuous than changing channels. Most people who suffer from chronic pain such as arthritis or rheumatism confess to having little or no interest in lovemaking activities. Contrary to what the media would have us believe, having a drink or two won’t make you an instant hit with the ladies. As a matter of fact, alcohol consumption has been scientifically proven by researchers to lower both testosterone and sperm count. So why do people looking for suitable partner congregate in bars? The reason is simple; while alcohol may dampen ardor, it also lowers one’s inhibition, meaning it can help you do things you wouldn’t otherwise do when you’re sober, including asking the pretty girl at the bar out on a date. Men who want to keep their mojo up may need to cut back on those beers.Psychological ReasonsIndividuals suffering from depression also report a sharp decline in interest in sex. It doesn’t help that the side effects of medications used in the treatment of depression include lowered libido. Guilt from infidelity may also affect a man’s desire to make love. Unresolved issues or conflicts within a relationship do the same.Conflict or confusion with one’s sexual orientation also affects sexual desire. Closet gays often find it difficult to initiate sexual contact or satisfy their partner.Researchers have also discovered a strong correlation between people with a history of sexual abuse and decreased libido. Victims of sexual abuse, especially those who were abused in their adolescence, are usually emotionally scarred for life. Even with therapy, they find it difficult to equate intercourse with positive emotions such as affection and love.

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