Make Money Write Articles Online Free – 5 Explosive Tips!

Are you making any money online? Start making money every day, write articles and watch the money roll in! I don’t have enough money was a great excuse in the past but now there are alternatives. You can set up a very profitable business absolutely free. One of the easiest ways to do this is by setting up a blog.

Tip #1: Set up your free blog at Use your blog to promote either affiliate products or your own products. To get involved with affiliate marketing go to Clickbank or Paydotcom. These sites are free to join and you will then have access to 1000’s of affiliate products to promote!

Tip #2: Once your blog is set up start writing articles to promote your blog. Be sure to have your blog’s link at the end of your article in your author’s resource box. You want readers to click on that link and go to your blog and hopefully purchase a product.

Tip #3: Write articles about your niche and submit them to at least 10 article directories if not more. Your article should be at least 300 – 500 words and no more than 750 words. Be sure you spell check your article. To be able to write articles you don’t have to be an expert, this is a skill that anyone can learn.

Tip #4: The purpose of writing articles is to build trust and credibility with your readers by providing them with quality information that they can use. The key is to provide good information, but not to provide everything there is to know on the topic in your article. By doing this, your are not doing your readers a disservice. You are leading them to get the rest of the information from your website, for which you will provide a link at the end of your article in your author’s resource box.

Tip #5: Write articles and post to the article directories every day. This is the way to develop a successful online business. And you’ve done it without spending a centArticle Submission, Congratulations!

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