Linux Training Courses (in a Classroom) vs. Linux Training Videos – Linux Training Online

Beware of loosing your shirt going to a Linux training course taught in a classroom. You just might regret spending your hard-earned cash – and likely won’t be able to get it back!

As a new Linux user, you’ll find that there are lots of ways to get Linux training. And going to a Linux course taught in a classroom is a common method. However, you can save a lot of time, money and frustration if you use Linux videos (Linux video tutorials) instead of going to a Linux course.

7 Reasons NOT to Throw Your Money Away Going to a Linux Course in a Classroom

1. The Training May Be Over Your Head. The “level” of the Linux training may be way over your head. Result: Time and money wasted.

Linux Tips: Most Linux training classes start at an intermediate level and immediately get more complex. You could be quickly left in the dust and an “Intro to Linux” course may not be available in your area.

Some excellent quality Linux training videos start at a very basic “intro” level and build gradually, step-by-step on this foundation to provide you with the level of training you need. This is rare, but quite possible to find (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

2. Poor Instructor Quality. You don’t know the quality of the instructor until you get to the Linux course (classroom).

By watching some sample Linux training videos you can easily tell if the instructor is going to deliver excellent and easy Linux training.

3. Very Expensive. Linux courses taught in a classroom are very expensive and when they’re over, they’re over.

As an alternative to Linux classroom training, Linux training videos are very inexpensive and you can watch them over and over again – as many times as you’d like!

4. Fixed Training Time. A Linux course in a classroom has a fixed starting and ending time and you may loose all of your money if you can’t make it on the day of the training.

You can watch Linux videos any time and anywhere in the world. And some Linux video tutorials include a 30-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee!

5. Terrible Classroom Training Materials. Some Linux classroom training materials are absolutely terrible.

Even extremely expensive Linux courses often include very poorly written classroom materials (Linux course books or ebooks).

You can quickly determine the quality of Linux training videos just by watching some samples.

6. Fully Devoted Training Time. You have to devote one or more solid days to the training and you have to get caught up with your work load when you get back.

With Linux training videos, you can watch a bit at a time, like just a half an hour or an hour a day.

7. All of the other expenses. Such as travel costs, parking, meals and maybe even hotel costs.

As mentioned earlier, you can watch Linux videos anywhere – no travel required!