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Learning Revit MEP from a certified training institute/center can be beneficial for you career. The Grey Edge Training centre has excellent facilities and will provide tailor made courses alongside enabling you to have the opportunity of some hands on experience. 

Revit MEP is a fundamental software for Building Information Modelling (BIM) and is greatly used by architects, structural engineers, designers and MEP engineers. The Revit MEP software is specifically used for creating 2 & 3 dimensional modelling structures, mostly used for explaining the model with 2D drafting elements and accessing building information from the database of the building’s model. Getting enrolled on a Revit MEP training course offers not only a certificate but also the chance to attain the proficiency with Revit MEP and BIM.

With the Revit MEP training courses, you will be able to understand the basic components about the software such as:







Learning Revit MEP training Courses at Grey Edge

Revit software delivers tools that support MEP engineering, architectural design, structural engineering and construction. Revit MEP is rapidly becoming the global standard for design professionals. Grey Edge, a certified Autodesk Revit MEP Training Center in Mumbai provides basic advanced and families courses in Revit MEP that are ideal for both the novices who are just starting out with 3D modelling and the more experienced 3D CAD software users.

With the basic course we aim to teach the beginners the core functionality of Revit MEP, essential for creating 3D modelling and design projects. The next course which is the more advanced one covers the advanced features of Revit MEP, allowing users to manage and control projects along with advanced detailing and documentation techniques for more complex projects. The final course, i.e. the Revit MEP families is designed for those wanting to learn about the parametric family tools from simple to advanced objects.

What are the Objectives of Learning Revit MEP?

Revit and the entire BIM world is a big jump from the primarily 2D world of AutoCAD. As Revit is created for designing a building, you can use your knowledge of the ‘real world’ of building and system design. Looking at a 3D view in Revit is quite exciting because you can see how the project would be replicated in the real world . Learning Revit MEP from a certified institute such as Grey Edge has its own advantages; one of those includes being best placed for securing Revit Jobs in Mumbai and elsewhere.

Selecting the right MEP training course is very important.MEP courses are ideal for civil & mechanical engineersFree Reprint Articles, drafters and modellers. The only prerequisite is some prior hands-on exposure to the software and further guidance from a professional training centre such as Grey Edge.