Kick-Start Your Marketing with Great Content


Content marketing is a simple strategy that uses written, recorded or
live content to attract and retain customers. It works because it
positions you and your business as a trusted resource and encourages
prospects to search you out as opposed to you doing all the chasing.

Perhaps equally as important is that it rewards your customers for
responding to your marketing. Instead of getting the same old sales
pitch they get useful, informative or simply entertaining content.

It’s precisely because it rewards people for their attention that
it works so well when combined with other marketing strategies – and
smart businesses can use that fact to kick-start their existing
efforts. Let’s try an example:

Suppose you run a nice upmarket café. Your traditional marketing
might include things like your ads in the paper or the leaflets you
hand out. In terms of content, it’s pretty much a sales pitch along the
lines of, “here we are, this is what we offer and isn’t it great.”

None of that really does anything for your prospective customer
though. On the other hand, as a content-led business you can make a few
small changes to those leaflets or ads that actually gives your
prospects something of value – and increases the response rate

Start by looking at your ideal customers, what do they want? Are
they interested in healthy options? Saving money? Trying new things? In
this case we’ll assume that healthy eating is important to your
customers, they want to know how to prepare wholesome meals with
minimum fuss.

With that in mind, you might decide to create a series of
attractive recipes and simple suggestions for healthy alternatives to
burgers and pizzas. That kind of information is useful in itself and so
will appeal to your market much more than a standard sales pitch.

Now that you’ve got some content worth talking about you can use it
to supercharge your ads and leaflets (or anything else you use). Your
ads can be recipes in themselves, designed to be cut out and kept (or
at the very least say ‘check out our website for healthy recipes
options’). Instead of printing leaflets destined for the landfill site,
you can transform them into well-branded recipe cards that people
actually want to keep.

Done well, your great content makes you the place to go for healthy
eating when your prospects couldn’t be bothered to try those recipes
themselves. Even when they do, the recipe card or cut-out ad will stay
in the home and likely get a few mentions to friends and family as

In short, if you start with a focus on creating valuable content to
attract and keep customers, then bringing that content into your
existing strategies is the prefect way to give flagging advertising and
marketing campaigns a real kick-start.

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Mark Nagurski is a small business marketing consultant and regular
contributer to numerous online and offline publications. If you found
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