Internet Marketing Is All A Scam, A Big FAT Lie!

When I sent out an email to my list with the subject line “What the gurus hope you’ll never find out,” I got some concerns with some of my coaching students. One was pissed off that internet marketers are all selling the same rehashed material on the internet.

One in particular, let’s call her Jeanine voiced her concern…

“because of this email today I have decided to unsubscribe to EVERY Internet marketing newsletter I subscribe to….because I don’t need them…

…It’s manipulative and slimy, and it’s what gives Internet marketers such a bad name.”

WHOA! I didn’t know my email will stir up such strong emotions!

Although there are “slimy” (as Jeanine puts it) internet marketers out there trying to rip you off, at the same time 99% of the “reputable” internet marketers are still making a huge income doing what Jeanine thinks is immoral – selling free, rehashed material.

BUT Jeanine is forgetting one big thing…

EVERY information product came from somebody else or from some other source and it is ALL recycled somewhere online or offline – internet marketer or not!

And unless you are some far out quantum physicist who discovered a new law of the universe and publishing it or selling it – EVERY information product is a compilation of already known material!

Robert Kiyosaki, Anthony Robbins, Donald Trump etc. are all rehashing the same information – does that make them “slimeballs” just because they are teaching rehashed material about entrepreneurial drive, inspiration, and real estate knowledge?

Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, are all recycling the same old material – yet people continue to subscribe to them (and make a killing by the way)

Should all those authors and magazine publications be shut down because they are borrowing fre.e information and conveniently bundling it up in a nice little package to make a profit?

Where do you draw the line? It’s not slimy or immoral – you are just giving other people the opportunity to find out more about a particular subject with rebundled software and info products.

In conclusion, I do NOT believe all internet marketers are manipulative slimeballs. It’s just that they are making up to six figures PER MONTH promoting a bundle of products, while other people may think it’s immoral and not doing anything with it.

I sincerely hope that you are not one of those who thinks selling rehashed material is immoral because you will never succeed on the internet selling information products.