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Email marketing is not new and started when the Internet was introduced. Many business organizations still believe in advertising and direct in-person marketing and have not started to take advantage of this CRAZY marketing tool yet. What is email marketing?Sending mass emails (bulk email marketing) with product announcements, service offerings, promotional materials, publishing and distributing e-newsletters and offering correspondence courses via email. What benefits direct email marketing can achieve over other marketing options?Ability to reach the worldwide audience without spending on advertisements. Some of the old traditional methods can still work; however email marketing is more powerful and reach directly to target usersÂ’ inbox. Beware of SPAM issuesEmail marketing sent to mass email ids can be viewed as spam. To avoid SPAM, send your emails to recipients who have interest in your products or services. AVOID sending emails to unknown emails those who are not expressed interest in receiving emails from you. How to build email messages?One of the first decisions you will have to make in email marketing is whether you wish to make your e-newsletter in text or HTML format. In most cases TEXT mails are better and SPAM FREE than HTML emails. You can design your e-newsletter using HTML with attractive graphics and links to attract your audiences. Things to remember in your email marketing. 1. Time for your email deliveryMost of the emails should be delivered to your subscribers in the week days to get maximum benefits. However, personal user products like weight loss, health, beauty items, etc. and related emails must be delivered in the holidays to get more attention.People will love to search these kind of products in the week ends at home, not at office. 2. Avoid Lengthy Email ContentsTry to reduce the email content in order to deliver fast and also to improve readers count.Make simple and clear text message with link to your site regarding the announcement. 3. Text messages are simple and fastEmail Marketing best practices is to avoid SPAM and reaching recipientsÂ’ inbox. Text emails are faster than HTML emails and may avoid many SPAM issues. 4. Avoid attachmentsMany email clients will not allow attachments while receiving and may mark such email as SPAM or move to JUNK folders.  You need to avoid attachments to reach your subscribersÂ’ inbox. 5. Avoid SPAM filter words in your messageAvoid SPAM filtered words in your article to reach your audiences. Some of the more commonly used phrases that ISPs and mail clients filter out include:Act Now!All NewAll NaturalAvoid BankruptcyAs Seen OnÂ…Buy DirectCasinoCashConsolidate Your DebtSpecial PromotionEasy TermsGet PaidGuarantee, GuaranteedGreat offerGive it away, Giving it awayJoin millionsMeet SinglesMLMNo cost, No fees OfferOne timeOnline pharmacyOnline marketingOrder NowPlease ReadDon’t DeleteSave up toTime limitedUnsecured debt or creditVacationViagraVisit our web siteWhile Supplies lastWhy pay more?WinnerWork at homeYou’ve been selectedFree!50% off!Click HereCall now!SubscribeEarn $Discount!Eliminate DebtDouble your incomeYou’re a Winner!Reverses Aging”Hidden”Multi level MarketingMillion DollarsOpportunityCompareRemovesCollectAmazingCash BonusPromise YouCreditLoansSatisfaction GuaranteedSerious CashSearch Engine Listings 6. Build your email listYou must always use your confirmed opt-in email list to send an email. You need to build your email list from your online subscription system or trial downloads. You can also ask permission during forum registration and other sign up process of your site. For more details about email marketing and software solutions, visit Good luck for your Internet marketing success !

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