Internet Based Home Business – Having A Mobile Office In Your Home

An Internet based home business can (literally) be run from anywhere as long as you have a computer with Internet access. There are a few other bits and pieces that might come in handy in addition to your computer, for instance a phone and pen and paper for jotting down notes, but the only truly essential item that you will need every single day is your computer with Internet connection.

If you don’t have a dedicated home office, you might be lucky enough to have a semi-permanent position from which to run your home based business. This will very likely be in the shape of a desk in your guest room or even your own bedroom. If so, when choosing a computer, you should consider how often you will need to pack your computer away or move it to a temporary location.

For instance if you have guests to stay, it will probably be more convenient for you to move your computer out of the guest room and work elsewhere for the duration of the visit. If you have young children, you won’t be able to spend too much time shut away in a bedroom where they are out of your sight. It would be far better to find a space to work where you can keep a close eye on your kids as they play.

If you are like the majority of Internet based home business owners, space will be at a premium and you will be running your business from a temporary position on your kitchen table or a card table set up in a corner of your living room. This will mean that you have to set up your computer at the start of your working day and pack it away at the end of the day and any time visitors are expected. If the table you are using as your workstation is doing double duty, you might also have to pack things away at each meal time.

Setting up a computer and packing it away at the end of the day does not take long, but it does waste time and that is a precious resource, so it is best to make the process as quick and easy as possible. You can achieve this by opting for a laptop (“notebook”) computer. If you have a “mobile” home office working with a laptop is much easier than having to manhandle a desk-top computer. Some of the advantages to working with a laptop are:

* A laptop computer is so lightweight, you can easily lift it with one hand, so moving it about from room to room is easy.

*A laptop computer is so small, it doesn’t need special storage space, you can tuck it away in a drawer or stow it on a bookshelf.

*You don’t have to fiddle about plugging in a screen and keyboard, you simply open up and power on.

* By using a wireless router, you can work from anywhere in your home (even on the patio) without needing to worry about plugging into a phone point.

*You can easily take your laptop with you when you travel, so that your business need never be neglected.

Working with a laptop computer is ideal for stay at home parents. Having made the decision to stay at home to be with your children, you don’t want to be out of sight while you work. With a laptop, you can set up your office anywhere in the house. When the kids are in bed, you can work downstairs without risk of disturbing them. During the day, you can work at the kitchen table and watch over the kids as they play in the gardenFind Article, you can even join them and work on the patio.