Immediately work with the sustainable resources

We start from the sustainable resources that are mainly the biomass; this means the combustion of heat and electricity by cogeneration; the wind that is the Aeolian electricity source; the solar thermal radiation, useful to produce electric and thermal energy. Also the waterfalls, generally understood as hydroelectric source, the marine streams and the tides belong to sustainable resources. Solar plants are energy plants that generate power through solar energy. Generally speaking, we can divide plants as photovoltaic plants and thermal electric plants.

In the first case, some particular modules, called photovoltaic modules, are used, with the task to turn solar light into electric energy through the photovoltaic effect. The thermal electric plants, instead, work through the use of solar panels that will turn the solar light into a particular liquid. This liquid should reach the boiling point until it becomes a gas. The gas will be collected in a turbine that through an alternator will be transformed in mechanical energy. This process will produce electric energy. As regards heating through solar energy, it is not so easy, this is because the presence of the sun, exactly in the most necessary period, is not at the maximum of its brightness. We can say that new technologies are able to get from the sun beyond 60% of its rays. To be able to use this kind of heating, we need to have some panels under the floor and in any case a system to keep the water temperature fix at 50° degree. The panels that will be installed, should be absolutely vacuum-packed, this way they could be really active during the cold season (this is just why a proper pump is used)

If, on the contrary, you want to switch to this kind of heating but still have some common radiators in your house, regarding saving money, you will not go beyond the 30% of total expenses. But how much does this kind of system cost? Everything depends on the apartment length. For insurance, to heat about 150 m2, the price is around 8-10 thousand euro. Regarding air conditioning, always in a domestic environment, there are various solutions. We can suggest the fixed air conditioner, as split system, which is made of one internal and one external unit. There is also the portable air conditioner, always split type, also in this case is made of two units, one internal and one external. But there is also the portable Monoblock system, which are very comfortable because they can be very easily moved from one room to the other. All the air conditioner spare parts and Monoblock spare parts, instead, are made of one single unit.

Most of them also have the dehumidification function. Prices are very variablePsychology Articles, depending on model and brand. To install them it is better to call a sector expert.