How To Use Affiliate Marketing Ebooks To Make Money Online

Quality affiliate and internet marketing ebooks are currently in huge demand due to the fact that more and more people are becoming extremely interested in making money online with internet marketing. If you are involved with an affiliate marketing program, you need to consider using this trend for your own benefit. There are two main ways of making a solid income by distributing internet marketing ebooks.

1. Writing your own internet marketing ebook

Writing an affiliate marketing ebook doesn’t have to be hard. You can write an ebook with as little as 60 pages, even less if you do a report instead of a classic ebook. Also, you can give it away without charge or, if you so decide, charge anywhere from $17 to $67. You can offer it in the Clickbank marketplace and get affiliates to promote it and do most of the work for you. In this way, you get a piece of the commission and you get to build your list with certified buyers. Also, you might consider using one of the $7 scripts that give the affiliates 100% of the commission and you get a subscriber.

Naturally, research is mandatory if you plan on writing an ebook. Whatever you plan to write about, you will have to have adequate knowledge to present the information in a sensible fashion and make it as easy as you can for the person reading it to understand.

Topics could include specific tactics, techniques and anything else that you have used or are using to create great results with affiliate marketing. You can begin by clarifying how you started and what motivated you to write this affiliate marketing ebook and share it with your readers. I recommend providing your costumers with an ebook that clearly outlines the steps that you want the person to take and give them a step-by-step guide.

2. Distribute free ebooks branded with your affiliate links

There are a lot of ways to make money with affiliate and online marketing ebooks, one of them is to join affiliate programs that have rebrandable ebooks as one of the promo tools. You brand the ebook with your affiliate link and give it away for free. Also, building a list by giving away these ebooks would be a smart idea. Another idea would be to create your own rebrandable report or ebook and give it away. By doing this, you can get a lot of new affiliates signed up for programs that you promote and it can become viral very fast.

If you are a member of a MLM or two tier affiliate marketing programFree Reprint Articles, you can create rebrandable affiliate ebooks that your downline members can use to promote the program. You can even spice things up by including links to another program and offering your downline the chance to sign up for that program and include their own links in the rebrandable ebook.

Internet and affiliate marketing ebooks are an untapped resource that is yet to reach its full potential. The time to profit from affiliate ebooks is now. All it takes is a bit of initiative and persistence if you are writing your own ebook.