How to Tell if It Is a Legitimate Home Based Business Opportunity

If someone is asking you for money, you should question whether or not it is a legitimate home based business opportunity.

Often, their just trying to make money off of your interest.

Also, if the company tells you they hire internationally or globally, they probably have an upline or downline, or a pyramid scheme, and it may not be the type of business for which  you are looking.

A pyramid scheme is illegal, so it is definitely not a legitimate home based business and could even land you in jail.

There are a number of words that should make you think about whether or not the opportunity you are considering is a legitimate home based business.

If the advertisement uses words like downline, upline, powerline, quick, easy, no work, no experience, unlimited income potential, residual income, turnkey, tiers, big money fast, or make money while you sleep then you want to proceed with great caution!  Ask some of the most successful people in the world, and they will tell you that it was hard work that earned them their money.

Most of the advertisements are probably not legitimate home based business opportunities, but get-rich-quick scams that will not reap the results you want.

Check into any company closely before getting involved to find out if they are a legitimate home based business opportunity.

Call the Better Business Bureau and other consumer and business organizations to find out if the company is a legitimate home based business opportunity.

Also, see how long the company has been in business.

It may be a legitimate home based business that has just started up, but they may not be the most reliable company yet.

Watch out for companies that want you to pay for information, to send an SASE, or call a 900 number.

If they are a legitimate home based business opportunity, then they should have enough in their budget to send you information for free.

Calling a 900 number is the same as paying for information, and you should not have to pay for anything from a legitimate home based business.

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