How To Make Money With An Affiliate Marketing Business


How to make money with an affiliate marketing business? The “work at home” mirage attracts more and more entrepreneurs, and I must say that the main reason is all this “get rich over night” online literature. The millions of case studies which “prove without doubt” how easy and fast you can make money online without any effort make everyone believe that all you have to do is to start somehow, the only destination will be the success. Unfortunately, success is not a specific destination, it’s a direction you choose.How to make money with an affiliate marketing business? The direct linking advertising, initiated by Chris Carpenter, by mistake as he confess, made a lot of people to open an account with Google, to sign up with ClickBank, and to launch paid per click campaigns. 98% of them are still wondering why they didn’t succeed and others did. The answer is simple. Because it is not easy. Paid per click advertising requires a serious keyword research, skills to write competitive ads, tracking and testing permanent every keyword and every ad, replacing the low or non converting ones and finding others more performants. And even then, you must compete with a bunch of other advertisers, which is not easy. There are super advertisers which you will never be able to beat. I know advertisers which are using more than one million, yes, you’ve heard right, one million keywords, in their campaigns. I know advertisers which are spending more than ten thousands dollars per day in pay per click advertising. Do you think that is easy to compete with such people? Not to mention their experience in this field.How to make money with an affiliate marketing business? Unfortunately, a lot of these people give up (while others replace them) without understanding the essence of an affiliate marketing business. Running an online business does not mean only paid advertising. there are a lot of methods to get free traffic advertising the same products like the others. There is no doubt that the fastest way to get traffic is the paid advertising, but the biggest mistake is that these people want to get rich fast. Even God created the world in six days and the sevent got rest. Why should you be faster? You can reach the success online with an affiliate marketing business, but with a planned, consistent, persistent and determined action. A website is the key of the success online, not the paid advertising, at least not when you start. There are web hosting companies which offer web hosting for less than ten bucks per month. Keywords like “credit card” cost thirty dollars a bid. See the difference yourself. You can start a business online with ten dollars per month and be successful in few months.How to make money with an affiliate marketing business? You can find online free tools to build a website on whatever theme you want, no matter how newbie you are. Generally, every web hosting company offers a WYSISWYG (What You See Is What You Get) website builder and tutorials explaining with details how to build a website. You can start advertising a product or a service on your website for free. Most of the affiliate programs doesn’t require fees for signing up with them. You can start building credibility for yourself and for your website and you don’t have to lose your shirt for that. There are autoresponder companies which offer very good services for less than twenty dollars per month. Once you apply, they are offering you tutorials on how to set up an opt-in form on your website. How to make money with an affiliate marketing business? Start building a mailing list. There are a lot of websites which offer free PLR products. If you type in Google Search “free PLR” you get more than one million results, you can pick up whatever you like. Start offering to each visitor on your website an incentive and make him sign up for your newsletter. Maintain contact with them, give them as many free tips and bonuses you can, build a relation with them and advertise your product, and you will be successful. It will take some time, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money for that. Remember, the success is the direction you choose, not necessarily the destination of whatever you do. If you want to know more about how to make money with an affiliate marketing business, visit my site.

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