How to Locate Affiliate Programs


I am an affiliate marketer that is actively working several affiliate
programs. Many people who are new to online marketing understand that
affiliate programs offer the best opportunities for making money on the
Internet, and such programs also allow marketers the chance to start
generating cash-flow right away. The first step in the process of
earning an income through affiliate marketing is to locate one of the
many programs that are available. From there, a marketer can choose an
opportunity that meets their specific needs and desires. There are
three simple ways to locate affiliate programs, and I will describe
each method below.
Take advantage of affiliate directories
Affiliate program directories are similar to the large phone books that
are used to locate brick and mortar businesses. A marketer can find
these directories on the internet, and one of the best resources for
locating affiliate programs is at Yahoo! Directory. Another directory
is called DMOZ, and this website lists many types of affiliate programs
based on the sector one wishes to be associated with and specific
geographical criteria.
Large affiliate networks offer many opportunities
The most recognized large affiliate network is called Clickbank, and
this resource gives users access to thousands of affiliate programs.
What is so helpful about these large networks is that there are many
diverse types of affiliate programs listed, and it is also possible to
contact others who are making money off of each program, in an effort
to see exactly how the affiliate program works.
Do the legwork
Sometimes an affiliate program may not be heavily advertised, so it may
serve a marketer’s best interest to contact a business directly to see
if they offer a private program. This is an especially good technique
if a marketer has a specific field of interest or is an expert in one
area because they can find a program that will take advantage of their
unique skill-set.

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