How To Get Potential Customers To Do Business With You

The questions all who aspire be “top affiliates” should be asking, are…

1) How do you get potential customers to do business with “you” rather than your competition?

2) What motivates those who unsubscribe from your opt-in list?

3) And why would consumers want to ask for a refund?

In other words… What makes people want to buy your products and sign up for your opportunities?- Your potential customers should be able to see just how your product will give them new insight or increase their knowledge base in their given niche.

– They will be happily buy your product if it will help to accelerate their online business growth.

– Potential clients will have no problem buying your product if it will automate a time consuming task.

After all, the Internet is about speed, so rather than spend time on repetitive tasks, online marketers seek out products that will speed up their marketing and promotion.

Once “newbies” have been exposed to a few sales pages, it’s doesn’t take them long to ignore the usual sales jargon. They quickly evaluate your sales letter to find out just what your product is really offering them. Do they need it or is it a duplicate of one they bought last year?Your potential customers expect value for money. What’s in it for them? Will it deliver the information they need? Sometimes the more expensive products are better value and give more information than many of the cheaper ones.

The smart Internet Marketers stay ahead of the game. They realize that by producing material offering truly valuable information, they are more likely to attract and keep new customers.

What Makes People Want to Unsubscribe from your List? Several things can contribute to this:

– Getting mainly emails that offer very little helpful material with 90% of the content geared towards selling products or opportunities.

– Receiving emails selling the same product or opportunity, because their sender hasn’t worked out his after sale, list transfer procedure.

– Opening an email vibrating with excitement about a new product or service, then getting the same email from six other affiliates marketing the same product or opportunity.

What Makes People Want to Ask for a Refund?The days when buyers tended to write off a bad purchase are long gone. Customers will ask for a refund, if they feel they did not get value for their money.

What makes them ask for their money back?- Products that don’t work with their systems such as e-books in “.exe” only format that are not accessible on a Mac computer.

– Software that doesn’t work as advertised.

– An e-book full of content, easily available on the Internet.

– An e-book with very little, poorly written content.

– An e-book that is full of linksArticle Search, or affiliate links. When you charge for an e-book full of affiliate links you run the risk of compromising your reputation as a source of quality information.

Potential customers will happily do business with you if you respect their time and treat them like intelligent consumers.