How to Generate Leads With QR Codes Creator


What is a QR code?Now, first of all, you might get a question, what is a QR code? Well, simply put it is a code similar to a bar code in that it stores some information. The QR stands for Quick Response and can store company URLs, phone numbers or any other alphanumeric data. But the beauty of a QR code is that unlike a bar code, it is two dimensional and can hold a lot more information as compared to it. Also, it is more easily accessible and readable. You can just click a picture with your smartphone and let the QR code reader app do the rest of the work.This technology is garnering a lot of attention nowadays. Hence, it is important to understand how you can create your own QR code and use it for your own end. You can either put it on your website or even you can make a tee out of your QR code, which is an attractive and cool way to distribute your bio!QR code creator:There are many websites and custom softwares which allow you to create your very own QR codes. You can put any information in it, including URLs, either that of your own website or else of your favorite websites, pictures, videos, etc. You just have to type in the text and that software generates a QR code for you, ready to be downloaded or embedded in your website.The power or a QR code is not only limited to passing around text, but it can also make your cellphone visit a website by passing a link, or else it can send your phone number, contact details or else your entire business card in the form of a vCard. The websites which generate your codes can also customize them according to your logo or the color scheme.Out of the hundreds of QR code creators on the internet you should choose judiciously, and not fall prey to the fraud sites which might use your information for their own shady ends. A creator should be easy to use. They should be able to access and store any type of information passed by the user, but at the same time the interface should not be too cluttered and difficult to use. It should be user friendly and follow the UX (User Experience) guidelines.Additionally, the generator should facilitate the embedding of your code with a relative ease. This feature can be particularly useful when you have to upload your software code snippets on a website and wish to avoid the effort of downloading the code snippet and then uploading it again. Apart from this, a standard QR codes generator also has a feature wherein you can track the usage of the QR codes you have created. They tell you about the number of times they have been scanned, how many people have accessed the sites using these and also several other statistics. These numbers come in handy when you want to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

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There is numerous QR code Creator available for free on the internet in the form of websites. Alternatively, you can download the mobile apps for doing so. Learn more about QR Code Reader.