How to Find Bad Credit Credit Cards

One of the best bad credit credit cards is a prepaid credit card. A prepaid credit card works like a credit card, but requires a savings account be opened that acts as the account balance. In reality a prepaid credit card works much like a bank issued debit card with a credit card logo.

A person cannot overspend and they are not subject to fees or interest charges. Other types of cards that could be considered a bad credit credit card is a retail store card. These cards are fairly easy to get and are usually recommended for those looking to establish their credit history.

These cards can only be used at the specific retail store that issued them. They usually carry a low credit line balance. These companies are just more willing to give a person a chance then larger credit card companies. Another type of card that is good for a person with bad credit is a gasoline card. These cards work only at gas stations, much like a retail credit card. These cards are fairly easy to get and report to the major credit bureaus which means they build a persons credit so they can qualify for a credit card from one of the major credit card companies.

Another option for someone to get a bad credit credit card is to find someone who will cosign. Just like with a loan, a co-signer needs to have good credit. They basically are security for the credit card company. If the person does not pay on their account the cosigner agrees to pay the balance due. For a person with bad credit this may be difficult, but once they prove themselves to be trustworthy they should be able to get the cosigner off their account.

Even though a person may have bad credit, they can turn things around once they find a bad credit credit card. They should of course try to make payments on time, pay off balances and become an ideal credit card holder. This will make it much easier in the future to prove credit worthiness.