How to Earn as a Home Based Business Opportunity Seeker


What Does a Home Based Business Opportunity Seeker Do?As a home based business opportunity seeker, it is your job to help clients find their ideal home-based business. There are various reasons why theyíd need to hire someone to perform this task. It could be that they just donít have the time to conduct an effective research or they may feel theyíre out of their element in this case.How to Earn as a Home Based Business Opportunity SeekerUnderstand your clientís motivations.What made the client consider opening a home based business? Is it simply for profit or is it something deeper, like wanting to spend more time with his loved ones or wanting to find his true calling in life?Know your clientís KSA.KSA stands for knowledge, skills, and abilities. Knowing your clientsí KSA will help you narrow the field in finding the ideal home based business opportunity. Having your client give you a copy of his resume would certainly help. Make sure to ask for other skills or talents he may have that might not have any place in a resume, like a talent of making risotto or playing the guitar. The more you know about your client, the better position youíll be to help him.Know your clientís interests.What does he like to do in his spare time? This will help you determine which home based business opportunities are least likely to bore him. Does he enjoy fishing because it helps him soothe his mind? Does he like bungee jumping because he has an adventurous spirit?As a home-based business opportunity seeker, it is your job to find your client a business that will give him sustainable profit but one that will keep him challenged and motivated to work at the same time.What are his working preferences?Is he a team person or does he prefer to work mostly alone? Would he prefer to handle everything about the business? Will he be comfortable if he has to employ people in the future? Does he prefer working at night or is he okay with keeping regular working hours? Does he like being on the field or is he more comfortable working behind a desk? Does he prefer rigid and formal work structures to informal, free-flow ones? How much can he afford to invest?Not all home based business opportunities can be started with nothing so itís important to know how much your client can afford to invest. If the ideal home based business opportunity for him requires a greater amount of capital than he can afford, you should also consider helping him find viable sources of capital like angel investors, venture capitalists, and bank loans.As a home based business opportunity seeker, your job doesnít end when your clientís made his decision. You may also have to help him obtain the necessary licenses and permits to help him launch his business. But donít worry, you can charge him extra for that. Good luck on helping make peopleís dreams come true!

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