How to create patient personas for your medical practice?

Patient personas is a great marketing tool to target your audience so that you can provide best and personalised information to your customer using a different platforms.

This can be a future where patient will get custom resport and information using Petient personas.

Patient Personas!! What are they?

You may have heard this term first time but it is a common word used by businesses and marketers. Patient personas can be used as a great marketing tool to understand your target audience at a deeper level so that you can provide them value on different platforms by providing them personalized content or Information. Still confused about Patient Personas?

Patient personas (buyer personas) are the fictitious presentation of your ideal patients. Yes, your ideal patients are those who can be your existing patients or your potential patients. Having detailed patient personas on your side helps you in knowing your patients more on a deeper level as a human being which helps you in providing value that they are interested in receiving. Let’s make it easier for you to understand.


You have a patient named Mrs. Neema who is suffering from Insomnia.

Case1- When you are not using Patient Persona in your Healthcare Digital Marketing.

You will send her more general newsletters and emails which may talk about following topics:

These few  general health tips or some good habits pdf or ebook will not work because you actually don’t know whether she actually needs that information or not. Maybe she is a dietician by profession and knows all these health tip stuff. Maybe she wants some other detailed information on her actual health problem that is Insomnia which she is not getting from you making your health marketing strategy useless for you and for her.

Case2-When you are using Patient Personas in your Healthcare Marketing.

Now, you have a detailed patient persona of Mrs. Neema.

Since you have some deep information about your patient. Now, you can help her by providing personalized content which may be causing her the problem of Insomnia.

Now your content may look like this:

Now it is self-explanatory, what wonders having a Patient persona can do for your healthcare digital marketing.

How to create Patient Personas?

Creating patient personas are simple. No big deal. Just follow these steps. Steps to gather information to create your patient personas: