How to be A Successful Hands on Landlord


A “hands on landlord” is a person who manages each detail of the rental procedure, from gathering the rent to maintenance on the investment property.You need to ask yourself certain questions to find out whether you fit into this category or not. The first question is that are you helpful around the house? This is desirable since under this grouping you need to be proficient to fix most minute problems that would rise in your rental house.The sort of house you buy will be a big aspect as to how much work you will be needed on the property. For instance you may want to look for a farm house if you are scared of heights, considering that there might be a time when you would need to go up on the roof to fix something.The subsequent query that you need to ask yourself is what is your proclivity at keeping up with things? What is mean here is that would you be able to be there when a problem rises? This is imperative since this helps put up a good relationship amid you and your tenants. Considering that you might not be able to be there when needed, there may be a increase in bitterness towards the you as the landlord. This is a very hard factor to get over once it has taken place. This difficulty can be reduced if you posses good social skills and are able to handle problem efficiently.Advantages of this type of landlord:First of all, you are not reliant upon anyone for anything. Even if a small task arises, you can do it in just the time that would be required to get someone else to start working on the job. For instance, on the way back home, you could stop over to solve the issue.Secondly, this is a great way of keeping tack of your property. By doing things on your own you can always keep a good look at the place. This also presents the opportunity to consider the way every tenant is taking care of the house. The collection of rents can be a means of getting inside the house to take a survey. What is further needed is that you keep good personal relationships with your tenants. Being there individually as the home owner will bring about good feelings for you in the tenants hearts and mind. Optimistically this will lead to a better landlord tenant relationship, which sequentially means that you get your money on time etc.Weaknesses of this type of landlord:First of all this requires a lot of your time. Of course, driving up to the rental house would take up your time and if you are a busy person then this might be a problematic issue. You can reduce this problem by buying a house near to the place that you live at. You would also have to take out time to fix all the rising problems.At times maintaining good relationships with the tenants might lead to you being taken advantage of. This can be solved by keeping a business like relationship and avoid getting personal.

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