How to Advertise a Home Based Business

1. Advertise Your Business in the Media.

You might have already ruled out advertising your home based business in the media as too expensive. The chances are your audience doesn’t live in any specific geographic area. That mostly rules regional newspapers, radio and TV. You should start looking at the specialist media for your type of business and stop looking at the general media placements. For example, if you run an online business website, you could advertise it in specialist online home business magazines, and even on cable channels that show programs about home businesses or making money online opportunities.

2. Write Your Business Website Address on Things.

Whether it’s a carrier bag, a product, or just on the front door of your office, make sure to write your business website address on there. Even if your potential customers don’t remember or keep your exact business website address, it at least lets them know that your online business presence exists.

3. Go to Special Business Industry Events.

If there’s a trade fair for the industry your business is promoting, turn up to it and market your business. Even if there aren’t that many people there, the ones who are could be influential, and can get your business talked aboutFree Web Content, creating free publicity.