How I work in Korea Vlog | Part-time di Korea!

hi guys! welcome back to my channel so, today I'm working in seven eleven for you who curious about how people work part time in Korea so today I make a vlog about how I work in Korea and if there are a lot of you that are curious later, in the next next video I will give a review about my work in seven eleven so, let's start the vlog! checking and organizing snack section waiting… work work it is 17:05PM (Its been 3 hours!) checking and organizing drinks section checking and organizing noodles section work work(2) so, someone sold this just now soju bottle this can be sold for 100won/bottle and now we put it in the storage room let's go we put it in here~ and there are more this is the storage room and we have coffee machine only one left so, the blue heets cigarette runs out there are only 3 su 0.1 cigarettes left so, we see look down here and we search for su 0.1 it is 18:28PM (Its been 4 hours!) checking and organizing drinks section(2) as you can see it's empty refill drinks waiting..(2) sleepy..

it's 20:17PM so we need to count cash income today and the cash we have so let's count counting counting~ I already count it all so the total is 411,700won but our income is 411,220won so we have 480won in excess that it hehehe~ it's getting dark waiting…(3) work work(3) waiting..(4) it's already 9o'clock! so I just need to wait until the next parttimer to come then I go home~ so I hope you guys like this video please like, share, and subscribe and see you guys next time bye~! thankyou for watching~.

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