How Do You Deal With Fear?

Fear is an emotion that can be triggered by something that has not yet occurred. While it can be a signal telling you to prepare for something, fear is usually the reason why people do not attempt to live the life they want. It is fear that usually disconnects people from their visions.

Some people don’t seem to be afraid of anything. They run up vertical mountain crags, tunnel their way through inky black underground caverns, and throw themselves out of aeroplanes to hang from a silk canopy and a few bits of string. They revel in physical and mental challenge. They get a kick from the adrenaline rush and the high of pushing themselves to their limits.

What is it about people who appear to have no fear at all? Is fear something you learn from growing up and constantly being reminded to take care of this and beware of that? Or do you have a choice whether or not to feel fear? Can it be overcome?

What about the fear you feel when you undertake a personal quest to discover more about yourself and become a more rounded and spiritually aware human being, knowing that you are going to challenge all the comfortable realities of your current life and strike out into unknown territory where nothing is known or familiar?

Fear is a healthy response to danger. It lets you know, with that sudden crackle of electricity through your body, that what you’re about to attempt is big and very possibly dangerous or groundbreaking. So big, that there appears to be a deep chasm between you standing on the edge, and the safe haven on the other side.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re about to climb Mount Everest for the first time or change the way you live your life – the common factor is that fear is a barrier to the unknown. This is out of your experience and out of your comfort zone; perhaps you don’t feel fully prepared or ready to take on that challenge.

Mountaineers, potholers and skydivers prepare so that they minimise the risks and protect themselves. Sure they still feel fear when they put a foot wrong, or a rope snags. It’s a reminder that they need to take care and to pay special attention. But they have learned from experience not to let that fear control them so that their vision, commitment and skill become clouded.

You have that experience right there inside you to recognise when fear clouds your purpose and you falter. You really do. That experience comes from having understood that you have a journey to make and a goal to accomplish and that you are ready for the task ahead. You prepare yourself by learning how to live your life better and in an open hearted, loving way. You anticipate difficulties by learning how to deal with your emotions so that you can face the world without fear of the unknown.

And in reaching your goals you need have no fearFree Web Content, because you have replaced it with courage.