Hospitality Business


For establishing a hospitality
business, people have to search and find sufficient resources that help to
provide solutions for several problems affecting the performance of the
business across the sectors.


Experienced and reputed trainers
in several sectors of hospitality contribute greatly in hospitality industry.
The motive of having experienced trainers is to train and explain the students
about new theories and advanced techniques related to the hospitality, and make
them to analyze the concepts critically.


This technique helps students to
realize the challenges in hospitality industry and create innovative solutions
to resolve the problems. Many a time, government supports enterprises trying to
establish such hospitality training institution.


Programs Conducted by Governments:


Small Business Administration
(SBA):  The federal body SBA provides
financial support exclusively for small hospitality industry. It provides
advice in various ways on how to start and manage small hospitality industry.
The proprietor of such industries can ask for guidance regarding the process of
receiving the government contracts.


It also provides loans at lower
interest rate to the needy companies, who have suffered a nation wide disaster.
The federal body maintains close coordination with the both state and local
government bodies, private sector, federal government and educational
organization to offer financial support to the proprietors of small hospitality


Business Enterprise
Financing (BEF):This finance
enterprise helps hospitality business by providing them private activity bonds.
Such bonds help to establish or carry any job concerned with the update of an existing
operation of hospitality industry.


Niche Marketing in Hospitality Industry:


Niche marketing is all about
specializing in one particular sector or, professing to do that one sector well
and exclusively. Restaurant is an excellent example.


Restaurants are frequent sector
for niche specialties. Restaurants have almost any variety of food. However,
restaurants have other factors responsible for finding their niche. It has bed
and break fast inns, sidewalk cafes, upper crust establishments, pizza parlors,
truck stop dinners, and specialties such as ice cream and bakery shops.


Even casinos and hotels have got
on the niche marketing action. As these establishments are very large, and is not
possible to aim at everyone, the concept of niche marketing becomes more important. 


Casinos aim for a particular
style theme. Customers prefer casino themes based on Western saloon, Roman
emperor, city of Venice, city of Paris,
Egyptian pyramid and so on. Casinos are trying to generate fun for the entire
family and include everything from film theaters to amusement parks with live
showsBusiness Management Articles, rides and attractions. 


The selection of the niche for
the hospitality business is made by understanding the target audience. This is similar
to a system of points. Every point added to score card signifies the ability to
provide the niche market customer base with a genuine experience.