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Motivate Your Home Party Plan Business Team Sales ContestThis
is a fun contest and will motivate your team to achieve higher sales.
Announce it about a month out so that the team has time to gear up.
The actual contest is up to you.  There can be as many winners as there
are team members.  Win A “Candlelight Dinner For Two” Sales ContestYou could run a contest for your direct sales team and award all of the consultants who:Have $1000 shows in a particular monthConduct 2 shows per week all monthReach ($3000) sales in the monthHave a $1000 weekThe
contest itself can be based on anything.  The prize can be awarded to
all achievers.  This is the “Candlelight Dinner” award for achieving
the team sales goal.  The winners receive:1 jar of spaghetti sauce1 box of whole wheat spaghetti1 candle1 loaf of bread1 bottle of inexpensive wine (optional)Direct
sales team training does not have to be expensive, just fun.  Like your
home parties, team training needs to be fun.  If you are having trouble
getting your direct sales team to your training meetings, then take a
look at the fun factor and make some changes because meeting makers
make more money and so will you!More Home Party Sales GamesSource: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com

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