Home Based Work, Yours For The Asking!

In need of finding home based work? The joy of working from home has so many advantages over dealing with everyday matters of commuting back and forth to a remote location. Additionally, you can toss the alarm clock in the trash!

It’s interesting to me as I look back over my career and reminisce the beginnings of my current business and the illusions I had about business needs. Some of which caused me to spend unnecessary amounts of money, only to learn that things could have been handled differently with an alternative (possibly better) outcome. What started as home based work was quickly moved out to my first real “office” of just over 500 square feet!

After having started at home (sometimes referred to as a garage operator) and then moving to a storefront. Things did expand more quickly with the physical size of our office and also in adding more personnel. Within a matter of months I went from 500 square feet with two employees, to 1400 square feet with five employees. My home based work had turned into a full blown business with additional responsibilities that began to take up a great deal of my time. Which in turn I hired another employee to “manage” those matters and delegate various tasks to other individuals.

A few years later we out grew those facilities and moved within the same complex to a larger area of 3400 square feet. Of course this added more employees and additional “business” needs that had me questioning why I moved my home based work in the first place! After eight years of driving back and forth to work, paying monthly lease payments and dealing with other distractions. I downsized!

Having located another place in a somewhat rural area I moved my residence and workplace, to a single piece of property. Combing my home front with my business practice has been the best move for my type business. Although there are some types of businesses that require their own space. It’s separated all by itself from the main living area. I just happen to have the good fortune of a business model that allows me to run it from almost any location, providing I have access to a telephone, mailbox (UPS) and now the Internet!

I now have a 2400 square foot building that sits completely separate from my residence. It faces another direction with its own private entrance and private address. This provides me with all the benefits of having a real “office”, while enjoying home based work!

The best advice I can offer you, find a mentor! Get with someone whom you know has been successful and has the credibility to teach you (preferably lead you), about your business venture. Choosing to work from home and have home based work should be treated like a real business. We’ve all heard and/or read, treat your business like a hobby and you’ll get paid like a hobby. However, treat it like a business and in return, you’ll get paid like a business! I suggest to youFree Articles, that’s what you want!! To get paid for your efforts and get paid what your worth.