Home Based Business Money Saving Tips

One of the first ways you can save on your home based business expenses is to buy used furniture and equipment.  Some great places to look for used office furniture and equipment is in the classified section of your local newspaper, consignment furniture stores, flea markets, online auctions and bankruptcy sales.  Other good places to check into for home based business furniture and equipment are new furniture stores because they often take trade-ins or have repossessed furniture that they’re willing to sell at greatly reduced prices.  Of course you would never want to sacrifice the quality and safety of your home based business equipment, so be sure, especially if buying online, that the dealers are reputable ones.

Another way you can reduce your home based business expenses is to team up with other small businesses and home based businesses to increase your purchasing power.  Many companies give terrific discounts on items bought in bulk.  This is especially true for items like paper where in exchange for large orders you not only get a discount, but also often get the shipping for free.  There are many types of home business supplies that you can get big savings on when buying this way.  When making bulk purchasing arrangements with other small businesses and home based businesses, spell out the terms of who’ll be placing the order, how delivery will be made and any other details—and put them in writing.

It’s also a good idea to join professional associations connected to your home based business.  Many on these offer a wide variety of benefits to their members.  Often you can get group insurance through a professional association at a fraction of what it would cost you on your own.  Many times you can also get large discounts for using suppliers that these organizations have contracts with.  Being a member of professional organizations and groups is also a great way to network and get new clients.  Also, going to the meetings is a wonderful way to offset the isolation that many home based business owners feel and to pick up some new ideas for your business as well.

Whenever possible, buy home based business supplies wholesale.  Also, join discount and warehouse clubs.  This is another good way to get office supplies for your home based business at huge savings.  Also, check into any possible commercial discounts that may be available that you don’t know about.  Never pay retail unless you absolutely have to.  And don’t limit yourself to offline suppliers.  Many online companies offer tremendous savings and are definitely worth checking into.

Finally, do some comparison shopping on everything you use for your home based business.  You may think you don’t have time, but the amount of money you can save is well worth the time it takes.  Compare cell phone plans, insurance companies, shipping services and Internet providers.  When you find a good deal, jump on it—but don’t settle for it.  Just because a certain insurance company gives you the best rate today doesn’t mean it will still be the best in six months or a year.  Remember your home based business isn’t the only business that has to compete to get customers, and all types of companies are changing their plans and reducing their charges constantly.  So make it a habit to compare rates every six to twelve months, and switch anytime you can get a significant reduction because every penny you save is a penny you can count as profit.

Charles Fuchs

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