Hidden Costs of ERP – Training, Customization And Software Upgrade


ERP or enterprise resource planning is an integrated software application for promoting the performances of business resources. It assists business owners to attain a top level position in market by proper controlling and management of business functions. Better production control, human capital management, improved workflow and efficiency are some among the key functions of ERP software. At present, ERP is one among the widely used integrated software packages by all types of institutions including small and medium sized companies. It provides a real time access of business data and helps in upgrading software as per the requirements of company. Latest and advanced technologies equipped with in ERP software packages eliminates headaches of software troubles and assists in better management of business strategies. Implementation of ERP can be done in versatile ways according to the need of company. There are lots to consider while implementing ERP software. Hidden cost of ERP is one among the main factors that you have to consider while implementing ERP software. Let’s see in detail some of the hidden costs of ERP software packages. Cost for data analysis and conversion is a main expense coming under the list of hidden costs of ERP. It takes money for transferring company information like project plan, production detail, customer and supplier contacts. Need for upgraded software for custom programming may find difficult for many companies to underestimate the cost of move. Training expenses, one among the hidden costs of ERP for customizing software packages may sometimes go high. Here, workers have to learn a new set of processes for achieving their business functions in global market field. Training expense depends upon versatile factors including functions of software package, intelligence of professionals and vendor service. Choosing the best vendor for implementing ERP software package plays a leading role in reducing this expense. Integration fee for using additional software is another important hidden cost of ERP. It may include the cost of many functions like bar coding, labor collection and testing equipments. Some among the modules of software package like business intelligence may require multi levels of additional software for operation. Expenses needed for software debugging and patching is an important hidden cost of ERP. Large number of patches needed for ERP implementation, especially for monolithic software increases its implementation cost. Consulting fee for testing application is another hidden cost of ERP software package. This fee will depend on versatile factors like location of company, size and application of project. If company is located at main city, it is likely to have reduced cost as consulting fee. Many of the consultants offer high fee services, which may cause difficulty for small sized companies. Expense for customization of software modules is one among the highest expenses while considering the hidden costs of ERP. Customization is usually done as an up to date application according to business functions. Each module or unit is customized so as to meet specific needs of company. Expenses for upgrading the installed software, expenses for new resources and annual support fee are other hidden costs of ERP.

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