Health Insurance for the Home Based Business Owner

So, what are your options when it comes to health insurance?  First, if you are married, you have the option to obtain spousal coverage through your husband or wife’s group insurance.  If it is an option for your, then use it, as it is often much less expensive that purchasing your own individual policy.

Another option is to obtain group health insurance, which is beneficial as the health insurance plan cannot turn you away for any health problem.  As a single home based business owner, you may not think you are eligible for a group policy, but many companies are now offering health insurance plans for “groups” of one.  However, these policies vary by state and company, so you will need to do some research to find out if you are eligible.

Finally, your third health insurance option is to obtain your own individual coverage.  If you are healthy and have had no pre-existing medical conditions, then finding an individual health insurance plan can be relatively easy.  Due to these plans being subject to underwriting, a health assessment will be performed, and your state of health can determine whether or not your application is approved.  Individual coverage can also be more costly depending on pre-existing conditions, or you may not be covered for any treatment related to the condition for a specific period of time.

Also, you will need to consider how much health insurance coverage you want, as the amount will determine your overall cost.  Are you looking for vision, dental, or long term care insurance?  Prescription coverage?  It is important for you to look realistically at your budget in order to determine how much health insurance you can afford.

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