Harnassing the Modern Age: Building an Effective Website for Your Information Marketing Business

As an info marketer, it’s crucial that you utilize the tools of the modern age. And the best tool of the modern age is the Internet. While it seems like a crazy entertainment outlet for countless teenagers and computer geeks to those who aren’t interested in it, it IS the best thing in the world for you, the info marketer, to get clients to your business.  Most of your potential clients are online and will seek you out electronically.

Now it’s time to address the real attraction of your business in the modern age: your web site.  Here are some tips on how you can make the best, most
professional looking web site possible.

When designing your web site, come up with a well-organized
template. You can draw it out on paper or use a graphic
program like “Paint.net” to help you. Some things you should
include are:

— A well-organized outline of what you are going to show on
your web site. Plan out how many pages you are going to have
and what each one is going to be called, i.e. “HOME,”
“PRODUCTS,” “BIO,” “CONTACT US,” etc. Think of
yourself as the client — what would you want to see in a web
site and how would you want it to be organized? Start with a
good landing page design and go from there.

— A heading with your company name and/or logo on the top
of each page. Also add a footer on each page with all of your
contact information.

— A bar of icons under each page heading with the name of
each page clearly marked. You can see this on others’ web
sites, with a strip of icon bars reading “HOME,”
“PRODUCTS,” “BIO,” “CONTACT US,” etc. This will allow
clients to click from one page to another with ease.

— Some graphics and colored borders discreetly placed across
each page. Overloading your web site with colors and pictures
is unwise, but a graphic for each page can add some visual
appeal to your web site. It is also a good idea to include a
graphic of each product you are offering.

— A “Sign Up” interface on each of the web pages where
clients can sign up for your e-newsletter. Keep it in a box or in
a side margin of each page.

— Your contact information, especially your telephone and fax
numbers, your e-mail and postal address, should all be

Don’t be afraid to look at other web sites to get ideas. Unlike
your blog, your web site is more about your business than
about you, so it’s best to keep it less personal than the entries in
your blog. If you get stuck, consult a graphic designer who can
give you hints or ideas to make your web site look
contemporary and professional.

As luck would have it, we just finished our web site here at
IMI. It took some time and patience, but it was well worth itFeature Articles, as
we already have new clients visiting us now.