Great Home Based Franchise Opportunities

The great thing about purchasing a home based franchise is that you are starting off with an already successful company that will provide you with training to make your business more profitable.  That training often means that, even if you do not have any prior experience in certain areas, you can learn the business quickly and effectively.

One popular home based franchise is in bookkeeping/accounting.  Companies such as PFO Today and Padgett Business Services offer franchises and training opportunities.  If you are a certified accountant, there are a number of franchise opportunities open to you.

Another home based franchise opportunity is in computer repair.  Geeks on Call and Rescuecom offer franchise opportunities, so if you always tinkering with your own computer or fixing everyone else’s computer, this may be a great opportunity to make money from your hobby.

Are you a Monica – the compulsive cleaner from Friends?  If so, then opening a cleaning franchise may be your dream home based franchise opportunity.  Actually, many of the home cleaning businesses around are run out of the owner’s home.  Check out some of the cleaning companies to see if they are selling franchises.

Just like cleaning companies, carpet cleaning businesses are almost all run as home based franchises.  ServiceMaster and Chem Dry are two of the most well known companies in the carpet cleaning industry, and they offer home based franchise opportunities.

Finally, there are home based franchise opportunities out there in the pet business industry that is thriving.  Doggie day care, pet-sitting, pet treats/food are all great businesses to do from your home.  There are a number of companies offering home based franchise opportunities.  Check out Pet Sitters, International, top dog Daycare and even Three Dog Bakery for great opportunities.

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