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But before you begin your shopping for the auto insurance policy, here are few tips for you to be kept in mind always. Some are harder, some are easy, but all are basically designed to help the people to get the policies of car insurance at low rates. The first tip is to pull a copy of the report of your credit. One must know that many auto insurance providers, agencies and companies use the rating of the credit as one of the methods to determine the premium of car insurance policy. Almost all the auto insurance companies, providers and also agencies simply believes that a responsible bill payer will be a good driver and also he/she will be paying the premiums for car insurance policy right on time. So pay all your bills in time and also take some months so as to clean your credit before finally going out to shop for the quotes of auto insurance policies. The next tip is that you must always park your car in a garage. The vehicles kept in a garage are very much less likely to be vandalized or stolen and thus if you keep your car in a garage then your car will be safe and this will help you lower the premium rates of policies of auto insurance.Also if you drive lesser miles per year then also you will be able to lower the premium rates of policies of auto insurance. But if you drive a lot and travel a lot of miles per year, then you will be paying higher premium rates for a car insurance policy. Avoid buying high-speed cars or sports cars, as the policies of car insurance for sports cars and also for the high-speed cars are very much expensive. Buying a low cost car or a safe car is much better then buying a sports car, as if you have a cheap car or a safe car, then you will be paying lesser premium rates for policy..
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