Finding Your Way to True Happiness Can Be An Enlightening One


True happiness is a phrase which virtually changes its meaning with every individual. If you were to take a survey of one hundred people about the concept true happiness; you are sure to come up with a hundred distinct and unique answers. This tells us how complex this concept is. Most peoples are not even sure if there answering for true happiness will remain constant or change with time.  The concept of happiness which is harboring in many a mind is actually illusionary and not real as real happiness can not be expressed but only felt. One can relate to it if he/ she forget the past and gets rid of any expectations from the future and just does his/ her karma (doings) in the present. Some people find peace in meditation and some find it in enlightenment books. It is irrelevant how you make your mind, body and soul harmonious but it is of utmost importance to give everything to whatever you are doing. One can love his/ her life and still find true happiness. There are many a folks who buy scores of Compendium books, Prophecy books and Paranormal books to understand the underlying inner deep meaning. We can find plenty of citations in the Bible pertaining to immortality where people have lived ages. But it is true that when our mind, body and soul are in unison a certain wave is created which lets us perceive things clearly. One can become immortal with the right kind of spiritual practice and energy related exercise. Living to extra ordinary age is feasible but not without enlightenment. The very first step you should take is to believe that you will live a very long as some scientific study shows that the belief of restricted life span can actually limit you from living a lengthier and happier life. Pursuing true happiness is like trailing the unknown where you don’t even know what is that you are after. One can also try looking inside oneself to get an apt know how of what actually is happiness and how can it be achieved. We are born on to this earth for a reason and to know that reason, you have to look inside and not outside. Once you find the reason, there is no stopping you. This is the trickiest part as recognizing your natural talent is not easy. One can also preach what god had to say to fellow counterparts to unearth an inner peace. You should put all your efforts into one direction and i.e. to recognize your inner being. Getting a clear picture in mind as to what do you want to do in life will ease some of the quandaries and predicaments that you are facing in recent times and will lead you to a state of peace. Trepidation is a major downturn and may sway you from your determined path, there fore it is of utmost significance to let go of apprehensions. True happiness can not be invented but only discovered.

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