Ezine Subscribers Want More than a Free Ezine

An ezine is an essential part of an online business.

But it is not enough just to offer a free subscription to your high quality ezine.

You need to offer something more. You need to make the decision to subscribe to your ezine really easy. Basically, you have to give away something else for free when someone subscribes to
your ezine. You need to offer a bonus.

The 2 best bonuses to give subscribers when joining up to your regular ezine are a free ebook or a free email course.

1. Free Ebook

Give your subscribers a free ebook. If it is only 10 pages long then call it a free ebooklet or free special report. If it is more than 10 pages then call it a free ebook.

Also, make it really easy to get the free ebook. When subscribers subscribe to your ezine make sure an autoresponder goes back to them immediately with instructions on where to obtain the free ebook.

It is often the case that the free ebook enticed them into subscribing so make sure they can get their free ebook quickly and easily.

2. Free Email Course

Set up a free email course and offer it as a bonus for subscribing. Once again, make it available by autoresponder.
Set it up so that the email course starts as soon as someone has subscribed.

Again, make it really easy. When they subscribe to the ezinePsychology Articles, tell them they will start receiving the bonus email course immediately.

Unfortunately it is not enough to give away a free ezine just by itself. You have to give away a bonus as well and you have to make the bonus enticing.

With a free ebook or email course you can set it up automatically with an autoresponder so that once it is up and
running there is no more work to do.

Using a bonus to get subscribers will certainly increase the number of subscribers you get. And that really is the objective for the ezine publisher – to get more subscribers!