Ezine As A Viral Marketing Tool

A very popular method of marketing ezines and newsletters is bymaking them viral. If your newsletter contains information ofvalue, such as tips, hints, news or tutorials, you’ll find thatsubscribers will forward it on to others.

Ezine Advertising is one of the most powerful ways to market andpromote your other products and or services. There are literallythousands of electronic newsletters on the Internet with millionsof people who subscribe to them. Placing ads in online newslettersis an inexpensive way to reach your target market quickly –especially when you compare it with other forms of advertising.

In 2002, ezine publishing took a quantum leap, as its statusevolved from “amateur’s hobby” into becoming the most powerfulmarketing tool for business online. Email newsletters have come ofage, and increasingly, more ezines will take this route, assubscribers prefer them to drab, lack-luster text-only ezines. Inthe coming year we’ll see more ezines published.

There are tens of thousands of Ezines being published every month,with a collective audience of millions. And the editors of most ofthose Ezines are all looking for quality content for theirnewsletters.

If you master this technique of making the Ezine viral you can getyour name and your website URL in front of 100,000 or even amillion readers.

Tips for making the ezine viral

Pick a topic that you know something about and then go to theSearch Engines and find as many websites as you can that deal withthat subject.

As well as collecting information for your article, make a note ofany URLs that offer free resources dealing with the topic of yourarticle. Include those URLs in your article.

You should choose a topic very carefully. Once the topic isselected, doing enough research on the subject is vital. Organizethe material and write in an interesting style. Make sure that youprovide links to free resources.

The content in your Ezine should not be pure sales copy. There hasto be valuable and genuine information. Promotion of your productor service should be subtle. Viral marketing using Ezine isdifferent than running an E Mail marketing campaign that blastsmillions of mail messages to unsuspecting readers.

At the end of your article, attach a 5 or 6-line ‘Resource Box’that includes your website URL and/or your email address.

When you have finished your article, do NOT send it off straightaway. Let it lie fallow for 2 or 3 days and then come back and readit again. You’ll be amazed at the improvements you can make. Thosefinal improvements are what make the difference between an articlethat gets published and one that doesn’t.


“Word of mouth” advertising can be very effective. Besides, it iscompletely free. The Internet takes this ancient form of “buzz”and promotion and amplifies it with a global network of peopleconnected digitally. “Word of mouth” now has an Internet versioncalled “word of mouse” (computer mouse). With greatly increasedspeeds, people refer things to their friends and families spreadingthe word through the Internet and to the far-reaching corners ofthe world. This can be done for your ezines as well.

Many smart marketers and publicity people have learned to harnessthe power of viral publicity with Internet “Tell-A-Friend”promotional techniques and tools.

Providing incentives as part of the “Tell-A-Friend” techniqueensures higher success rate.For instance, the website www.wz.com conducted a giveaway contestwhere they gave away 4 Sony PS2’s before Christmas as a websitepromotion. They also gave people who had entered the Giveaway theopportunity to get additional entries and additional chances to winby telling a few of their friends on the “Thank You” page.

On the “Thank You” page, every giveaway entrant received thefollowing message: “Tell your friends about WZ.com, and get anadditional entry for each friend you email.” In return for thefavor, they received an additional chance to win for every friendthey refer. This simple addition increased Tell-a-Friend results by96 times.

So how do you use this technique to leverage and increase yoursubscription rate, and “word of mouse” publicity? It’s simple, just”Tell-A-Friend” or “Tell-A-Friend about everything”! You can addViral “Tell-A-Friend” forms to all of your web pages just below thesubscription offer. This technique is simple and very effective.

Offer your ezines to all your customers, friends, relativesBusiness Management Articles, andcolleagues. Let them spread the word. Offer your ezine as apromotional tool to your affiliates if you have an affiliateprogram. These can drastically improve the subscriptions to yourezine.