Environmental Awareness Training Will Change How You Do Business

Environmental awareness training and ISO certification will give your business the edge over other, non-compliant organisations.

If you thought environmental awareness training was only for mining companies and chemical manufacturers, you’d be wrong.

An EMS course, and the implementation of Environmental Management System ISO 14001, is relevant to all organisations – and increasingly so as customers demand more ethical products and services.

It might be that you’re keen to go down this path but you feel a little overwhelmed by the process. And that’s why you need to engage the services of specialist training consultants who help businesses achieve certification on a daily basis.

Environmental standard ISO 14001 lays down processes for creating a management system and the benefits are huge.

Performance baseline

By establishing a performance baseline and getting all your employees to buy in to the concept, you can work towards continuous improvement throughout your organisation.

The ISO 14001 environmental management system applies to most if not all businesses, as it deals with issues such as resources and energy, waste, transport and recycling. The EMS is designed to minimise and manage the environmental impact caused by producing products and services.

ISO 14001 is the world’s first international environmental management standard and it ensures that the health of the environment is at the very heart of your organisation.

Environmental footprint

This is all about minimising our environmental footprint, reducing the risk of pollution, actioning operational improvements, ensuring compliance with relevant environmental legislation, and develop business in a sustainable manner.

Environmental management system certification in Queensland is an excellent benchmark, encouraged by government, and more or less compulsory if you want to secure government contracts.

Using ISO 14001:2015 provides assurance to your management and employees – as well as external stakeholders – that your business’s environmental impact is being measured and improved.

ISO describe this as working in a ‘holistic’ manner and encourage the integration of ISO 14001:2015 with other ISO management systems.

Not a quick fix

It’s not, however, a one-off quick fix – it’s all about continual monitoring and improvement. And that’s why your training consultants will also discuss internal auditing courses and ISO 14001 lead auditor training with you.

Environmental Standard ISO 14001 demands full commitment by management, better planning, support across all sections of the organisation and more proactive initiatives.

But really, isn’t that what every organisation should be aimed for anyway? Are they not all factors that ultimately improve the business and increase profits? Yes, they are – and an EMS course is a great way of ensuring this happens.

Meeting legal requirement

Legislation changes all the time and is becoming increasingly demanding and complicated – and rightly so. It’s there for a reason and the fact that ISO 14001 focuses on meeting those requirements is another very good reason for pursuing it.
Knowing that you are covered in all respects is not only a relief for the business owner, but very motivating for staff and definitely a plus with customers, suppliers, contractors and so on.

ISO 14001 was revised in September 2015Find Article, after three years of input from industry experts throughout the world. The fee you pay for training and certification is nothing compared to the value of picking the brains of so many experts.