Emergency Information Services (EIS) Network Marketing Company Review

Emergency Information Services (EIS) is a Multi-Level Marketing company with Tim Ross who is the President. It looks like they are based in Houston Texas. This domain appears to be registered in March 2002. Most people don’t know this but each year 800,000 children become missing children cases. Because of this, Emergency Sticker was launched to help to get as many of these kids back safely as possible. This website allows parents to store information about their children in an online database. It’s the same type of system the DOJ or Department of Justice and NASA use so it’s hacker safe.

Debra Clemente from Emergency Information Services (EIS) is the one who is pushing this website to help get these children back. She strongly believes that every child should be protected, and believe that this website will become a household name. You can enter dynamics like Hair and Eye Color, Height and Weight, Photos, Medical Problems and Contact Information. All you have to do is get the sticker. Once you get the sticker you activate it on their website. You put the 10 digit Alpha Numeric code in then you input all the contact information. This website is changing the way that Missing Children cases are handled.

Currently it takes about 3 hours to get the information to create an Amber Alert, so using Emergency Information Services (EIS) and the Emergency Sticker Website definitely speeds up the process a lot. It only takes a couple mouse clicks to get all the information you need right from their website. In fact this company has just been featured on ABC Channel 6 News. Keep in mind that this review is being written as of March 2009. As of now when I check out the EIS website it looks like it protects its reps very well. Every time I click on a link I get a message that says please visit the website of the person who referred you. They also give you a number to call from Monday thru Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm CST and the company will help locate a rep for you if you can’t find one yourself.

Each Emergency Information Services (EIS) sticker includes one years of support and costs just $19.95 each as well as a $19.95 renewal fee each year. Upon doing quite a bit more research I was finally able to view the commission calculator which I saw on a thread from a forum. It looks like a majority of the MLM Commissions go to Qualified, Signature, Preferred and RDL members. This particular MLM Compensation Plan pays 7 levels deep but only the aforementioned positions get paid down to 7 levels. There does appear to be some direct sales benefits for those people who only pay for one sticker up front, but to get full commissions you need to purchase one of the more expensive packs.

Being on the news I viewed this gives Emergency Information Services (EIS) lots of credibility from the jump. There is a ton of stuff, like a 6,783 point checklist on things you can do to make an MLM Perfect or close. There are things they can improve on, just as with about any similar company, but we think they have a great start and the mission is very noble. I also notice lots of honesty and integrity shining here. I also noticed in viewing a forum thread that the owners Deb and Mike Clemente were very helpfulFree Web Content, so if you need hand holding when you start I’m pretty sure they will give you all the time you need. The vibes we got were Deb and Mike are very serious about getting this built as well as protecting their reputation as well as the reputation of Emergency Information Services.