Effective Postcard Marketing for Just About Any Size Business

 it is easy to see which could be the most effective for your business. Below are five tips to ensure that your postcard marketing lives up to its highest potential.

Interesting, Die Cut Shapes – Die cut shapes are perhaps the best way to get instant attention of just about anybody. They allow you to instantly make an impression, and enable you to show off your creative side. This is also the easiest way to draw your reader in, and then show how you are best equipped to handle their needs.

Interesting Brand Colors – Make sure that the colors you choose are in line with your company’s overall branding. Choosing colors that are too mismatched will lead to a disjointed postcard, and ruin brand recognition. All colors should be the same. From your postcard to your website, to your brochure.

Casual but Enticing Copy – Make sure that the copy is casual in tone. Save the corporate marketing speak for other marketing materials. By having a casual tone, you are better able to relate to your prospect, and speak on the level they are most comfortable with. Also, try and consider having pictures to compliment your copy. This will help in getting your message across much more easily.

Call To Action – Make sure that the call to action is at the end of your copy. The copy should be simple, easy and to the point. It should also be concise and motivate the reader to instantly take action on what they are reading. Try to look at your competitors to see what they are doing, and see what you like and don’t like.

In-depth Tracking – Make sure that the tracking system you choose to use is effective. You can track each postcard’s design effectiveness by assigning a certain code to each. Then when someone calls or visits your business, they must reference the code in order to receive a special incentive such as a discount. This will help in streamlining your marketing efforts, and also help in seeing what is the most effective route for contacting your customer.

When you are done, be sure to ask for feedback. This is perhaps the most important part to just about any marketing campaign. Feedback from trusted friends, family and coworkers is best to ensure that your campaign is the most effective it can be.

Melanie Turner is a Business student at Columbia University and employee at 1800 Postcards. She has also been a Researcher at Deloitte Consulting where she worked with expert marketing teams on Fortune 500 clients. As a growing expert in the field of marketingComputer Technology Articles, Melanie aims to provide insights and resources to Small Businesses.