DUI Lawyer and How He can Help


The DUI lawyer is a legal specialist who deals with matters connected to an arrest or charges due to driving under the influence. The police usually flags down vehicles that they suspect may be driven by someone who is legally drunk due to many factors. One of these crucial factors is the actual sight of the vehicle weaving in the streets or being driven too fast. In some cases, someone might tip off the officers regarding a person who is operating a vehicle after consuming alcohol. It is not just alcohol that a person may be influenced by, illegal drugs and other substances can also be checked by the officers. Local law enforcement will automatically check the individual driving the vehicle for a breath test. This test will show if the driver has consumed alcoholic beverages, enough to be above the legal limit. Helping the ClientOnce a person is charged with this crime, the police will check if he has any priors. His rights should also be read to him once he is found to be intoxicated beyond the legal limit. Once he is duly processed (his picture taken and fingerprinted, among other things) the arrested individual is allowed to call someone. This is the best time to call a DUI lawyer for help. In some cases, the arrested individual calls his family and they will be the ones to contact an attorney to help him. The arrested individual might also be assigned an attorney if he or she has no capacity to hire one. The public defender’s office always has someone who can represent those who have no capacity to hire their own lawyers.The DUI lawyer usually goes to the person who has been charged with drinking and driving and tries to arrange for his release. If the person has priors, there may be some issues regarding his release. Bail may need to be set if he has priors and other charges. When the individual is available for a consultation with the attorney, they will talk in detail regarding his arrest. The attorney will have to arrange other paperwork and the necessary representation if his client will need to appear in court. He will also have to investigate and assess the incident thoroughly to see if his client’s rights have been violated during the arrest and the processing. It is the attorney’s responsibility to seek justice for his client as well as fight for a just trial if he is brought to court. Filing the court papers and other documents of evidence and interviews might also be prepared by the legal counsel in order to properly represent his client. Other services may also be arranged if there is a need for these. These are just a few of the responsibilities that a DUI lawyer will need to act upon when he is hired. Other responsibilities may constitute arranging bail, seeking experts to testify for his client, interviewing witnesses and many others.
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