Dog Training Clickers

There are much kind of new puppies training, one of the many popular ways to train puppies and dogs is clicker training.

What is dog training clickers? Dog training clicker is a type of operant conditioning used successfully by many animal trainers. It is one method of training your dogs using principles of consistency desired behaviors. Dog training clicker rewards an animal for performing desired behaviors, rather than punishing misbehavior.

Dog Training Clicker
The clicker is a small hand held box which emits a clicking sound when a button is depressed. Other variations of the clicking device can be simply snapping your fingers.

The concept of dog training clicker is to positively enforce commands, by clicking the device each time a dog completes a command properly, and handing the dog a treat as a reward. Conditioning the dog to hear the clicker causes it to snap to attention eventually, as it associates the clicker with receiving a treat. Here are three basic steps of dog training clicker:

1. Show a food treat to your dog and then giving her to smell the treat. It makes her understand that you are holding something she wants.

2. Perform any actions you want and click the clicker and praise her, as soon as your dog pays attention to what you are holding.

3. Do the steps six or seven times, and repeat over the course of several days, slowly raising the hoop each day.

No more shouting or yanking your dog around in the name of training. Clicker training is the fun, reward based method of dog training that you will both enjoy.

Using the basic steps of dog training clickers, you can teach other tricks and commands, such as ‘come’, ‘stay’, ‘heel’ and ‘paw’. Also you can teach your dog to sit, lie down, recall and perform basic heel work.

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