Dog Agility Training Safety Tips

If you are considering entering your dog in competition then it is best to take your dog to a dog agility trainer right from the beginning but if you are training your dog for fun and exercise then here are some points to consider:

–         First you must consider the safety of your dog.

–         Do not attempt to do too much too quickly. Know the limits of your dog.

–         Certain breeds or young dogs should not do too much jumping. Talk to a trainer if you are concerned.

–         Everyday household items can be used to build a course. Be careful of sharp pointy bits though as it is easy to poke an eye when dog agility training.

–         Even puppies can participate in some easy agility training such as running through a cardboard tunnel.

–         Dog agility training takes time and patience.

–         If jumping over a bar make sure that the bar can be displaced both ways.

–         Make sure your dog is always under control. This will reduce the risk of any injuries.

–         Use positive reinforcement. This is a much better motivator.

–         Always reward your dog when a task is completed.

–         End training in a positive way and have fun!

If you are looking at getting into agility training in a more serious way you can visit to search for agility schools near you or if you are looking for a dog to train, Border Collies are often considered as the ultimate agility dog. They are quick learners and work hard. They are able to concentrate and aren’t easily distracted. They are athletically built and are longer then they are tall which gives them increased flexibility.