Computer Based Training-Giving Birth to Revolutionary Education


Computer based training is any form of education that makes use of and depends on a computer. In the past, this was just relegated to a hands-on training for students who were trying to get familiar with how a computer can be operated. But now, everything is possible with the use of a computer.Take medicine for example. Nobody ever expected that careers in the medical field can use computer based training. Thanks to creative minds behind movies and special effects, the development of virtual computer based training can help medical students and doctors learn the hows and whys of the human body. As a matter of fact, this type of training is widely used in medicine to understand every inch of the body and may also be used to train surgery.Another situation will be for pilots, where they could make use of computer based training to get around the controls of the aircraft, which they might not have taken a first look just yet. As a matter of fact, many pilots perfect their training under this training method before they will be allowed to even touch the billion dollar worth of planes in the military. When aviators can finally work on the actual thing, they will be all familiar with how the controls go about and intuitively, they can manipulate the controls with ease. Because of this, there are fewer errors in aviation which also means less mishaps on air.Going down to earth level, even the training on how to operate a bulldoze or a crane can be completed online with the computer based training. The simulations are very realistic and the controls used are exactly those found on the genuine machines and equipment that there’s no apparent hesitance to react to a stimuli. This makes the training an innovative approach to education.Today, whether one goes offline or online, something can be learned from the computer at any time. In fact, language training can also be possible in the computer. Education today is at an entire new level and it is getting increasingly more reliant on technology. Fortunately, the world gave birth to great geniuses of modern technology like the recently deceased Steve Jobs, who have made things a lot less complicated for all people. Think “touch screen” and learning today and education is getting more accessible, even for those who have not even seen a real classroom. The future of education is on computer based training and the future is just around the corner.

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