Clickbank Affiliate Marketing for Beginners (2022 Clickbank Tutorial)

Hi guys it’s greg here today, i want to show you how to make money on clickbank. Here are some of the results of the recent campaigns on clickbank that i have run and i’m going to show you every single step of what you need to do. To start getting results like this now i’m going to switch over to my clickbank account and show you a couple of results so welcome to inside my clickbank dashboard uh here is one campaign for a particular item that i ran earlier. Here is the name of the item, so that’s effectively. The name of the product here is the name of the vendor.Clickbank Affiliate Marketing for Beginners (2022 Clickbank Tutorial)

Prac media is the vendor. Here now uh, you will see. I made a total of 5413 so far with this particular vendor. So basically, the total amount for this campaign was five thousand four hundred and thirteen dollars. I’M going to show you step by step exactly how i did it and how you can start doing the same.Clickbank Affiliate Marketing for Beginners (2022 Clickbank Tutorial)

How did i promote those offers? Well, i’m now inside my pretty links dashboard on my caffeinated blogger website and pretty links basically just helps me track all of the clicks and statistics. So i can see how much traffic i have generated to each of these offers so for the conversion bot offer you can see. I sent 1 736 non-unique clicks or 1238 unique clicks from unique people, some people clicked more than once on the link and from that i made thousand one hundred and seventy five dollars and the other campaign that i showed you the fast tracks campaign. I’Ve sent two thousand one hundred and eighty non unique clicks, or one thousand four hundred and forty five unique clicks, and from that i made five thousand four hundred and thirteen dollars okay.

So where did this traffic come from and how can you most importantly, start sending similar number of clicks to these clickbank offers and start making money? The traffic to these two campaigns came from my email list. I’M here inside my convertkit account and you can see i’ve got 2768 email subscribers. If you don’t know much about email, marketing or building your email list, don’t worry! This is exactly why i’ve got this video, i’m going to show you in this video how to build a huge email list and how you can start making money on clickbank, using the steps that i’m going to show you in this video having an email list is So powerful because anytime, you send an email to your email list.Clickbank Affiliate Marketing for Beginners (2022 Clickbank Tutorial)

You get clicks to anywhere, where you want them to go. So here are the actual emails that i have recently sent my most recent seven or eight emails or so, and you can see that each of these emails gets hundreds of clicks depending on the purpose of the email, 287 clicks, 266, clicks, etc. And each of these clicks results in you know anywhere from one two, sometimes even three or four dollars per click for every email you send if i lose other things in my business. If i lose my channel, if, for some reason i lose my websites, i’m always going to have this email list, i’ve got this list of 2768 subscribers. It is growing all the time and even if i lose other parts of my business, i’m not going to lose everything, because i can still make enough money to survive and to have a good lifestyle just from having this email list.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing for Beginners (2022 Clickbank Tutorial)

That’S why email list is very, very powerful if you don’t have an email list, yet you really need to start building one. I’M going to show you step by step how to do this starting right now, if you don’t have a clickbank account yet then, head on over to and register your account as an affiliate, it only takes a couple of minutes to sign up next. You need to find a great affiliate offer to promote to do that log into a clickbank account head over to marketplace at the top. Here you can take a look at all of the products that you can promote on clickbank as an affiliate you can browse by category or you can look at all of the products by clicking advanced search over here and you can enter some options, such as 50 Results per page in this category choose all categories: click search and that’ll actually bring up all of the products that are available across all categories.

If you want to take a look at all of them, the results here are going to be sorted by rank. Rank means that this is volume of sales, so the most popular products which are selling the most dollar volume are going to be at the very top. So all of these products that you see here, they’re all selling uh very, very well and they’re all great offers to promote the method that i’m about to show. You today will work with any offer in any niche for the purposes of the video. Today, though, let’s choose any offer and the offer that i think we will work with today is this offer here called custom keto diet.

The awesome thing about clickbank is that once you’re approved to join the clickbank network, you can promote any of these offers instantly. All you need to do is click the promote button and clickbank will give you a link. So we click here generate hop links and they’ve. Given me this link over here. So if i there is actually a button here, if i click the copy button, this has now copied my affiliate link into my clipboard and basically i can now start promoting this product instantly.

So, let’s see what happens if i paste this link into my browser and click enter, so this has now opened custom, keto diet. You can see here that it says uh question mark hop, equals gcon and enco, so any sales that are now made will get attributed to me. So now all we really need to do is to start sending traffic to this affiliate link. You can start sending this affiliate link to your email subscribers. You can start sharing it on social media.Clickbank Affiliate Marketing for Beginners (2022 Clickbank Tutorial)

You can start sharing it on facebook, on messenger on quora. Any way you want. As long as you get clicks to this link and some of these people make a purchase, you will get paid a commission, so i’m going to show you the actual way that i personally use to drive as much traffic as i possibly can to this affiliate link And in this video we’re going to focus on one very, very powerful way to send traffic to this link step two of the process is to have a sip of coffee and to smash the like button seriously hit that, like button, that’ll, really help with the youtube Algorithm and it will help me, make more videos like this for you in the future, so you can make money on clickbank and other ways of making money online so go ahead. Destroy this like button and let’s move on to the next step step three is to set up a landing page in convertkit so that you can start growing your email list. Convertkit is a really good email software program.

I’Ve got my link to it in the description below they have a free plan, so i’m on the pricing page. You can see that up to a thousand subscribers, you are paying zero dollars per month, which is really awesome, so go ahead. Click the link in the description below and sign up for an account. You can either start with a free account or if you already have some email subscribers, you can choose one of the paid accounts once you’ve logged inside convertkit click on the landing pages and forms scroll down and click create new. That will allow you to create a new landing page, so now you’re being asked.

How do you want to get the subscribers? Do you want a form, or do you want a landing page? We want that landing page, because convertkit can actually create some basic landing pages for you. So you don’t need to have your own website and you don’t need a service like clickfunnels or you don’t need any of these expensive services, because convertkit allows you to have all of that. For free.

You get access to a ton of different templates. You can scroll through all of them here and we want to create some kind of an enticing offer so that people who are interested in our clickbank offer end up giving us their email. Now remember that we have decided, for the purposes of this video to promote the custom keto diet offer. So that means that our landing page and our kind of gift that we’re going to be offering to people has to be about keto or about diet. Of course, if you decide to promote a different offer, for example, you decide to promote something like this about their strong pelvic floor, then your offer has to be about the strong pelvic floor as well, but we are going to be working with the keto diet here.

So, let’s find a good template, i actually don’t mind using this one here called union, it’s very flexible and it’s going to allow us to create a landing page that looks like this approximately. So, let’s click choose on the union template. You can change anything about this template, it’s very customizable. So, let’s give it a name, so we can call it something like keto diet offer. So, first, let’s change this image.

We can click on it and then click replace that will bring up a lot of different ways for us to replace this image. So we can actually go into unsplash and search for images, so we want something related to diet right. Let’S use any of these images. We can just use this one as an example. For now you will need to do a little bit of research to find out what kind of stuff is your target audience interested in.

You can google the information, maybe some forums in regards to the software. We won’t go into it in this video. I know that people who are into ketogenic diets they want to learn which foods are the best keto foods. So i can enter the title of this free offer here and it’s going to be all right. I’Ve made it top five keto foods that will melt off the fat.

You can also put a little bit more information here if you would like – or you can just ignore and delete this text at the bottom. I’M just going to say, enter your email to get instant access. Okay and on the right hand, side. We’Ve got the field, so we’ve got email address. You can also ask for the name etc.

You can just delete these fields, so click into this field, i’m going to delete these other fields. We don’t need them. So i’m going to click, delete and delete this and delete this and we’ve just got subscribe. I’M going to change subscribe, call to action to instant access like this, just click and start typing, or we can even make it enter email to get instant access like this, and we can also change the background. Color so from here go back into general styles and where it says background healer at the bottom, we can choose this to be anything that we want.

So something like this. This blue looks pretty nice, so that’s it! Our landing page is now done. We can click. Save and publish – and we can start sending traffic to this page – let’s preview, what we have done, you can click share over here and then grab this where it says url over here.

Just click this and that will copy this url, and we can then paste it into the browser just to see what it looks like all right. This is our very simple landing page. This will work perfectly for you. If this is your first landing page, there is no need to over complicate it. You can of course, use any of the other templates, but this will work perfectly fine.

So now, if you send any traffic to this link over here, then you will start to be growing your email list and in the next couple of steps, i’m going to show you exactly how to direct that traffic to your affiliate link. So you can make clickbank sales and also i’m going to show you how to get the traffic and how to start sending the traffic to this opt-in page and start growing. Your list all right. So when people opt in to get these top five keto foods that will melt off their fat, they want to actually somehow get it. So we need to create this very, very simple sort of gift that we will provide to the people once they leave us.

Their email address. One of the best ways to create this report and have it available online for people to access, is google docs so head over to and click this big button saying blank, so that will start a new document. You can give it a name here at the very top, so you can call it five keto foods and then just literally click over here and start typing in the information.

So we can start with something like thanks for your interest in my report. Top five keto foods that will melt off the fat and then you can say the top five foods are and then do a little bit of research into what those top five foods might be. These days, you can find everything on google so just go ahead and google, for example, if you, google, top keto foods, you’ll get a bunch of results, so you can just copy and paste some of this information. I suggest that you rewrite it. Don’T just copy and paste so you don’t plagiarize other people’s content, but just write it in your own words.

So here i would say: okay number one is seafood, excellent, so let’s say one seafood and then i want to write the description of it. In my own words, so you can read what this website says and then rewrite it over here. So this is what i have written personally for seafood. You can make it a few paragraphs long and then just do this for five different foods in a row. So i’ve paused this video for a couple of minutes and i very quickly typed out this report to the end.

So now we actually have the report to give to the people who opt in to our email list. Let’S now set up the delivery of this report for this we need to go back to our landing page and click on the settings and under general page settings. You’Ll need to choose the option that says redirect to an external page. So when a visitor subscribes to your page so once they enter their email address, okay, so let’s say they land on this page. They enter their email address over here and click.

This button enter email to get instant access will want to redirect them to an external page and that external page, is you guessed it this report that we have just created, so we want to redirect them straight to that report. So this is the report to get the sharing link click. The share button, then, at the bottom click here copy link. Then you’ll need to change the permissions so where it says restricted, only people added can open this link. We want to click this button here.

That says: change to anyone with the link. So this way anyone who’s got. The link will be able to view the document make sure it’s a viewer, not commenter or editor. This way, anyone who gets this link will be able to view your report after that, let’s click copy link and we can insert it into this field here redirect to an external page. So what is going to happen is when somebody opts into our email list.

They will get redirected straight to the report, so we’re delivering the report as promised. Next go down to the tab that says incentive you’ve got two ways of doing this. You can either ask people to confirm their email address when they opt in, in which case you can go with the option of send incentive email, but for beginners i recommend to unclick that – and this will effectively mean that your subscribers will be auto confirmed. So whenever someone enters their email, they will get automatically added to your autoresponder without getting the message into their inbox. Saying click here to confirm that you want to be added, you don’t need to change anything else on these options, so click save then over here.

Let’S click save and publish and we can run another test. So, let’s click this button share. Let’S grab this link over here, let’s open it in a new browser window, so this is going to be the landing page. I’M going to enter my email over here and, let’s see what happens once we click enter email. So imagine that i am a potential subscriber i’m interested to get this report.

Click enter email to get instant access and, as you can see instantly, i have been redirected to this report, so our funnel that we’ve just set up works and if we check inside our convertkit account you can see here. This is the subscriber email address with which i’ve just joined the list, so they also get added to the convertkit account everything’s working perfectly. It means that now that you’ve got the subscriber and you’re going to get a lot more of them. They’Re, yours to email and market to and you can send them marketing messages from your convertkit account and you can promote any high quality products with your affiliate link and get paid a commission next step. Step 5 is for you to comment below and let me know if you would like a free copy of my affiliate marketing course called caffeinated affiliate club so scroll down below this video and drop me a comment right now and tell me i want a copy of Your course because and then explain to me why you’d like a copy of the course and in the next video i will announce the winner and exactly how you can claim your copy of the course okay.

So now you know how to find a great clickbank offer to promote. You also know how to set up a funnel with an opt-in page and the delivery of a free gift, and this funnel will help. You grow your email subscribers once you are growing your email. Subscribers you can email them and you can make money by promoting that affiliate offer that you chose in the very first step to grow your subscriber list. This is going to be the link that you will want to promote it’s in the landing pages and forms go to the form that you’ve just created, click share and take this link.

This is going to be the link, and i will now show you how to get a lot of traffic to this link to grow your email list, so the best way to grow. Your email list is to share your link on quora. Quora is a goldmine of traffic, you can get so much traffic from it and this is a platform where people ask different questions and there are millions of daily users and you can get a lot of clicks on your link and you can get a lot of Subscribers to your email list from quora to start inquiry, you’ll need to register an account of course, and then you can search quora for the keywords that you are targeting within your niche. So, for example, that could be keto diet and review all of the different questions that people are asking. There will be thousands and thousands of questions that people have asked and these questions get a lot of views from google and from within they acquire itself because there are millions of daily visitors and who are browsing.

Different topics and also quark pages, rank very highly on google. So every day these answers get many views from google search engine, so you can start opening up these questions, one by one review them and then answer these questions so, for example, this one here. What is the keto diet we can see? This question was asked and then someone on the 20th of august last year gave an answer and this answer, if you click the more button to expand it, this answer has had 11 600 views so far. So 11 600 views.

This lady gave an answer but she’s not promoting any of the links. So you can give your answer and your answer needs to be a high quality answer, but at the very end of it you can actually give a little link to say that if you would like to download a list of the best five foods to lose weight, Then click this link and download this list right now these kinds of links are allowed on quora. You can see that here is another answer right here. It said free books cutley, so there is a link here. It says, remove space and add in chrome.

So basically, this person is doing exactly this they’re building their email list from answering questions on quora. Here is another person advertising their website right here, uh. You do need to make sure that your answer is high quality. It’S not just one or two sentences. You need to write several paragraphs, but if you find high quality topics – and you answer a lot of these questions, you will be getting consistent, ongoing passive traffic and passive views to your answers, and when people read your answers, they will be quite likely to click.

Your link and download your ebook and therefore join your email list. Now you know what to do to start growing your subscribers once you’ve got some subscribers inside your convertkit account. You can start making money so to send an email to your subscribers. You can go inside the broadcast area and click this button that says new broadcast and then from here you can enter the subject line for your email and the actual body of the email, so the main text of the email. Where do you get the ideas for what kind of emails to write?

Well, you can go back to the offer and clickbank, and usually the vendor of the product will provide you with some kind of ideas for emails for the custom. Keto diet see there. It says here, affiliate page: most of the offers on clickbank will have something that says affiliate page or affiliate resources. If you open this, you can find a lot of information that you really need to make your promotion successful there, and over here we’ve now landed onto this affiliate page. If you scroll down you’ll, see something that says: email swipes now you can of course review all the other resources over here.

There is even something that will help you build landing page uh, so you can potentially get some further ideas about how to promote this product. But what we’re interested in now is these email, swipes and under email swipes. There is a link to actually download these email swipes download those swipes review them. You can then use the ideas from those emails in your email to your subscribers, so your email will end up looking something like this there’ll be a bit of introduction some wording. Uh then, some kind of a call to action, and you will want to insert your link into the email so similar to how you get link emails from other marketers.

There are links in the email to click. This has to be your affiliate link. This link over here, where do you get it, go back to the offer and remember how, at the very start of this video, we talked about clicking the promote button that will bring up your link. So this is your hop link. This is the link that you will want to promote.

So just take this link or you can click this button to copy this link, and we now need to insert it into that email. Okay, so once you’re over here just highlight whichever text you want to be hyperlinked and click this link button here and where it says url. We want to copy and paste this, and this will now become a clickable link. So when you send this email, it will go out to all of your subscribers and they will be able to read your email and click the link and from there on, because your subscribers are so targeted and they’re interested in the keto diet. Or whichever offer you decide to promote, whichever issue go with, because they’re so interested and they’re so aligned to it, a high percentage of them will end up converting the rule of thumb in across the general industries.

Is that you can make about one dollar to two dollars per subscriber per month from email marketing? So, even if you have a tiny list of let’s say 200 subscribers that mean that that means that you can make anywhere from 200 to 400 a month from this very small list of just 200 subscribers and of course, as your list grows, and you get you Know a thousand subscribers you could then potentially make one thousand to two thousand dollars just by sending emails, while you’re growing your email list. If you want to learn a super powerful way to send a lot of targeted traffic to your clickbank affiliate links, then first of all subscribe to my youtube channel just below this video and next watch this video over here. That will explain to you a super powerful way to generate a ton of free, targeted traffic to your clickbank affiliate links and make money on clickbank. Thanks for watching my video today and i’ll see you in the next one

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