Classroom Training Vs Computer Based Training (CBT)


Formal training can be achieved using the following methods: * Classroom or Instructor Led * Computer Based Training (CBT) via Web Based Training (WBT) or CD/DVD Based Training * Books and Reference MaterialThe
main training methods used are Classroom and Computer Based Training,
with reference material and books being used to supplement them.Classroom / Instructor Led Training features:
* Study away from the office at another location with time set aside
dedicated to learning a new course (and in some cases, for
certification, sitting of an exam) * Costs are more expensive as it involves the course fees, travel, accommodation and other expenses * Access to a trainer for the duration of the course (and sometimes for a limited period after the course) * Access to other students during the course and as a potential networking group after the courseSo,
classroom training is the option to choose if you have the ability to
be away from the office and have no budget constraints.Computer Based Training (CBT) features: * Individuals can study at their own time and pace thereby learning at a rate that they are comfortable with
* Lower costs – CBT is much more cost effective than classroom
training. Multi-user option allow a company to train more than one
person with the same budget or less than sending on a classroom course
* CBT courses combine instructor led videos with examples through
simulations, test questions and interactive sections thereby using more
than one learning method which greatly enhances both the student’s
interest and retention levelBasically, computer based training
combines the “best bits of classroom training” such as the video clips
of instructor sessions with the “best bits of reference material” such
as technical information and practice questions to provide a great all
round training experience which is beneficial to both student and
employer at the best price available.In conclusion, the choice
of classroom versus computer based training depends on cost, leave
availability and the personal training style preference of the student.

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