Choosing The best Web Host For Home Based Business.

Many home based business owners are wondering what is the best web host for home based business.

When looking for a web hosting company to host your home based business then I can at least point you in the right direction of a few basic things that every web host should have on their servers.

The very best web host for home based business will have the following:

1. Plenty of bandwidth: Choosting the right webhost in the first place will save alot of heartache.

Moving from host to host can be a real pain. Many will charge you for excessive bandwidth use so the best web host for home based business will give you all the bandwidth you need at a price that is affordable.

2. Up to date php and MYSQL. This is very important for when yo want to run scripts and software programs that run from your server. For example a customer database or shopping cart software program.

3. Techical support: It has got to be easy to reach them when you run into problems or when your website goes down. Every second your site is offline could be money lost.

4. Cost. Going for the lowest price possible could be your downfall! Remember that as with any product you will get what you pay for. When choosing the best web host for home based business, get the best hosting you can within your budget.

There is a huge variety of websites that do reviews and the chances are that you will be able to select the best web host for home based business from sites like these.

It is also important to get your hosting direct from the source if possible as they will be able to give you much better technical support than a reseller who will need to first get the support and pass it on to you. This brings me onto my next point

3. Speed. How fast can your visitors access your website? It all depends on how well the best web host for home based business servers are managed, how much memory those servers have got, processor speeds and if you choose to be on a shared server or dedicated server.

The best web host for home based business will have optimum speed to ensure that your visitors can access your website.

4. Uptime. As with speed, it is also important that your websites uptime is maintained. Many web hosts will try to tell you that their uptime levels are 99.9%! This is untrue as well all know how many times we need to restart our pc’s every day! And servers take much more of a beating.

However, the best web host for home based business will have stats and a control panel that shows you when your server is up and when it is downPsychology Articles, as well as it’s history of uptime.

5. Ease of use: There is no point have a server or control panel that you cannot use. You do not want to spend 90% of your time bugging technical support with questions. The best web host for home based business will have either a cpanel control panel or equivalent that any dummy could use from the word go.

In closing. Make sure that you choose your web host with care. Avoid resellers and make sure that you do your homework first.