Cheap Sources of Fun and Activities Provided by Oman

The tourism in Oman has developed during the recent times and is
becoming considerably one of the most successful industries in the
country. Oman offers numerous attractions which induce a tourist to
spend his holidays in Oman while enjoying the activities and cultural
tourism presented in it. Due to this high popularity as a great holiday
destination, hotels in Oman are one of the most occupied and successful

One of the most amazing parts of Oman as a tourist destination is its
beaches. Some of these beaches are considered the best in gulf. Beach
holiday is an activity which can be easily enjoyed by local natives as
well as the tourists as beach holidays are a cheap source of fun as well
as easy to visit and less time consuming. Various activities, some of
which are offered by local operators at these beaches to the visitors
include swimming, diving, boating, surfing, kiting, beach combing,
dolphin watching and shell collecting.

The Intercon Beach, which faces Muscat Intercontinental Hotel and
stretches two km to Crowne Plaza Hotel, both of which are included among
the best Hotels in oman, is perfect for a beach holiday
for family, walks or a jog. Snack bars, restaurants and cafes are
present all over the beach. One of the other popular beaches of Oman is
Qantab Beach where tourists are offered fishing trips and boat rides by
the local fisherman.

At the west of Muscat, at about a distance of one hour is the popular
Al Sawadi Beach Resort. Various activities offered by the Resort
include speedboat rides, water scooters, snorkeling, dives, Jacuzzi and
temperature controlled swimming pools. The coast beyond Quriyat, which
is particularly famous for all night camping on the sea shore, can be
arrived at by driving southeast on a four wheel drive. Due to the sea
breeze effect on the beaches and coastlines in Oman, kite surfing is
becoming quite popular. Lessons for kite surfing are offered at Alzaiba

Oman is gaining massive popularity because of the various magnificent
bird watching destinations that it offers. Around 460 different species
of birds can be found in Oman out of which 80 are categorized as
resident while rest of the species are seasonal and migrants. During the
annual migrations of birds in spring and autumn, birds from Asia,
Europe and Africa can be seen in Oman. It is gaining popularity as a
bird watching place due to this unique opportunity provided by it. The
local or resident species of birds that can be found in Muscat are
Herons, Ospreys, Swift Term, Laughing Doves, Egyptian Vultures, and
Indian Roller. Frequent Migrant and seasonal species include: Cattle
Egret, Little Stint, Greater Flamingo, Caspian Gull, Spotted Flycatcher,
Grey Heron, Dunlin, Sandwich Tern, Red and Green shanks, Ruff and White

Other parts in Oman also offer a wide arrangement of bird watching
sites. Eagles can generally be found in Musandam. An excellent
opportunity to watch desert species, Sand Grouse and Golden Eagle is
provided by Arabian Onyx Sanctuary. Masirah Island is considered the
home for thousands of birds especially during winter.