Can Cell Phone Marketing Benefit the Average Person?


I first logged on the Internet in 1997. I think the first six months I was on I didn’t have anything to do with marketing online. I wasn’t even searching for anything relating to it. I was mostly in the AOL chat rooms and just searching for odd things, fascinated by this new communications medium. I was though disabled with lower back problems and needed to find a way to earn additional income from home, but at this time it didn’t even dawn on me that the Internet could help me find this method. This was 11 years before Cell Phone Marketing even came about.However about six months into my Internet Experience an ad caught my eye that offered a Resell Rights products package. Long story short, I bought the package with borrowed money since I was broke at the time. I compiled these products into a nice CD and started making a grand a month. This was the start of my Internet Marketing Career. Since then one thing after another and even in bad times I still pull down 2k monthly and have made over a million net profit so far.We have come a long way haven’t we? From Resell Rights, to Ebooks and PLR, to automated clickbank selling and now Cell Phone Marketing. At first I didn’t think it was possible for the average person to make any money doing this. USA put out an article 2 years ago in 2007 on Cell Phone Marketing to teenagers and how they spend money hand over fist on these ads. So I originally assumed that this marketing technique is only for the big guns who have tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to “test” on new things.It wasn’t until August of 2009 when Mach Michaels came out with this Cell Phone Cash mentoring program that really opened my eyes. In fact, he makes over $300,000 per month marketing to people on Cell Phones. Even more ironically, he doesn’t pay or source products to do this. All he does is market Clickbank Products. These campaigns only take him about a day or so to setup and get going.When I started marketing on the internet, there was very little in the way of good training and teaching tools to show people how to effectively market on the net. But I was still able to pull down more than enough for my basic bills in spite of this. This is great news for the people who go out and take some action, and irrelevant for the people who sit and watch things happen.If you are an Internet Marketer or a Direct Marketer, you have a fiduciary duty to learn what you need to learn to make the income you need to comfortably support your family and to keep your business growing. This concept sounds scary to most, but it doesn’t have to be. Instead of wasting your energy being concerned about the future, why not rechannel this same energy to do something positive and learn a new skill that will get that mortgage and other bills of yours paid for many years.A skill like Cell Phone Marketing with Mack Michaels Cell Phone Cash course for example can be self taught in a matter of days. When I first started marketing on the Internet I had 2 main philosophies I adopted early on. These psychological mindsets allowed me to earn some pretty great income during these years.The first mindset would be that if I learned everything someone else knew that made a huge income online, like in the case of Mack Michaels $300,000 per month and I failed. Lets say I took his course and only earned 1% of what he did. I’d fail my way to getting my mortgage paid by earning $3,000 per month. You see, people are so embarrassed by failing that they’d rather not take any risks at all. But that’s not how it works out there.The 2nd principle I adopted early on was that if I could reach millions of people and if I could get just a few dollars each out of 1,000,000 people during my career, I could become a multi-millionaire and no one would get hurt. I haven’t gotten quite this far yet, but I’m working toward that goal now. So my point is that you need to keep learning new skills. They do add up. Knowledge is cumulative and can be passed on. More importantly no one can take it away from you.So when Mack Michaels opened up his Cell Phone Cash Mentoring Program for $24.97 per month, I have to admit I was more pumped up than I have been in a very long time. He even offers a money back guarantee like any good marketer would. He’s made millions in Adwords and with another much more expensive mentoring program he’s running with 13,000 members already, so he has the knowledge and experience to teach you a lot.
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