Books On Longevity, Immortality And Spirituality Have Fascinated The Common Man Since Ages


For the purpose of reading, one can find books in hordes in various places such as libraries, personal book collections, book fairs, etc. in the modern age, perhaps, the enthusiasm to read through such books has increased. Perhaps, people are finding that by reading these books on spirituality, they are getting a relief from the tensions of the worldly life. Whatever be the case, the sale of books on spiritual and non materialistic world are increasing day by day. More and more people are reading the books and one can find a wide collection of such reading materials in the libraries or in one’s personal collection. It wouldn’t be surprising to find someone reading a book on longevity in the metro train or in the station, while awaiting the next train to reach office. Time is not a hindrance for the reading of such books. Even place doesn’t seem to hinder them from reading something, which very few people would understand. But still, the zeal to read these books on immortality and life beyond death has taken a reckoning. These concepts of life and death and other aspects of immortality have been in civilizations since ages. Or else, why do we find such books that speak of life and death and the world beyond in circulation and being spoken of in meetings and even in the friendly talks. Findings of such books and literature has been known in every civilization, be it the Egyptian or Indian. People in those days, much before the era of Christ used to depict their thoughts in form of symbols and signs, and the inscriptions are a proof of such thoughts. Nature was given due importance and the essence of life was considered to be quite close to nature. Natural health was important rather than materialistic pleasures. People lived in a society but the thought of spirituality existed side by side. Although, in subsequent generations, the manifestations of such concepts changed a bit, but the inner core remained the same. Since the oldest civilizations, man has had an affinity for the spiritual books, which were either in sign languages or in symbols. It might have been due to the lack of sufficient explanations and lack of any public communication, that such books were lost in the vortex of time. But now, when excavations and archeological researches are in full swing, and the findings of such historical evidences are coming up, people are not surprised to find that most of these dealt with the flavors of immortality and death. Along the course of such ancient books, there have been mentions of characters based in mythology, who did penance for achieving the best of natural health or tried to become immortals. Longevity was perhaps the most common demand of those who were given a chance for asking for a boon. Different forms of such manifestations have been seen as the centuries passed. Different forms of interpretations were given to such languages, but surely, all of them were talking about the same thing, and this was what was related to longevity and spirituality.

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