BEST BUDGETING APPS FOR 2021: I Tried 18 Apps!!

BEST BUDGETING APPS FOR 2021: I Tried 18 Apps!!

The best budgeting apps for 2021. I tried out 18 total apps, spending 30 minutes to a couple hours with each one. Each app had a 4.5 star or better rating. Most were 4.8 or better.

My notes:

– Personal Capital
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– Nerdwallet
Cost: Free
Very similar to Mint but more education focused

– Clarity Money
Cost: Free
I really like Clarity Money. It has an expense call out feature that makes it easy to catch unnecessary expenses. It was one of my top 3 last year and a good option if you don’t want or need to pay for the services of Truebill

– Goodbudget
Cost: Free or $7/month or $60/year
Cheaper alternative to YNAB with manual only transactions.

– Empower
Cost: $8/month
Comparable to Truebill with added ability to talk to “financial experts.” If cost was the same I would prefer Empower
They will set you up a savings account
A lot more than budgeting
Ability to chat with an “expert.” I put that in quotes because I’m not sure of qualifications but my chat experience was good
Apps is really easy to use and understand
Decent rate on savings account
No free option

– Cleo
Cost: Free version or Cleo Plus for $6/Month
Cleo Plus gets you overdraft protection and rewards
Can auto transfer to savings
Interactive chat with a bot. It can be friendly or mean, you decide. Not for everyone, though
The savings account is NOT covered by FDIC. Pays no interest
Pushy towards the savings account

– Albert
Cost: Free basic version or Albert Genius is pay what you want, min $4/month
Albert Genius gets you access to “financial experts”
If you’re new to personal finance, Albert does basically everything
If you know what you want it will be too intrusive, imo
Can set up an investment account for you
App Store reviews showed people were surprised how much they saved using the app
Forces you into the savings account. Have to go cancel if you don’t want it

– Dave
Cost: It said $1/month but “Dave covered it.” Not sure?
Reviews rave about Dave. IMO, the app is for people who live paycheck to paycheck
Has jobs/side hustles based on your location
Will front you $100. Also get paycheck 2 days early
Anything you haven’t budgeted is “yours to spend”
Not the best for people in decent to good financial condition, imo

– Fudget
Cost: Free or $4 one time payment
It’s a good, solid manual entry app for basic budgeting

– EveryDollar
Cost: Free or $130/year for Ramsey plus
This is Dave Ramsey’s app. You need Ramsey plus to bring in transactions automatically. Pretty basic but good app and easy to use

– Pennies
Cost: $4 one time
Basic manual budgeting app. Think like a ball and strike counter for a baseball umpire

– Daily Budget
Cost: Free, $10 one time upgrade
Very basic budgeting app that’s clean and easy to use

– Digit
Cost: $5/month
App focused on getting out of debt and savings goals
Can also set up investment accounts for you
**a few days after posting this video I canceled my premium memberships to all of the apps. Digit was by FAR the hardest to cancel. Several screens asking for feedback and “are you sure?”. Then you have to reenter your password to finally close. I entered what I believed to be the correct password and it said it was incorrect. I had written my password down so pretty sure it was correct, but maybe I was wrong. There was no “forgot password” option here. I had to contact support. They closed my account an hour and a half later.

– Spending Tracker
Cost: Free or $3 one time upgrade
Upgrade gets you no ads and functionality that makes entry easier.
All manual app. Basic and easy to understand

– Prism
Cost: Free
Focused on bill pay
Good if you have many accounts and bills to different accounts. Can manage in a single app
Designed to be a cash flow management/bill pay app, imo.

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