Automotive after-market talent contradiction

The beginning of 2011, the Guangzhou
Municipal Xiongbing Auto Electric Co., Ltd. held the 2011 talent strategy a
news conference to announce the establishment of thousands of sales team a
message to the outside world, then the first phase of the business, “the
new army training camp rushed to the camp, Xiongbing to implement to create 100
person sales team to plan quickly the first step!

March 9, 2011, all the staff of the
marketing center of the famous car maintenance supplies brand “Paul
gave.” Expand the two-day team development training, the expansion of
training, designed to reshape the whole team mutual aid, the courage to forge
ahead of team spirit.

March 25-27, the large national sales U.MA
excellent Ma elite training activities in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, the
country’s eight branch trainers have arrived from all branches of Zhengzhou,
expand the sales of the elite training A three-day scheme. Channel sales skills
into a close the mouths of the martial arts stunts, excited learners,

Automotive supplies industry personnel
training program to force can not be

HC Auto Accessories Network: car ownership
increased, in raising awareness of consumer groups, the idea of keeping a car to change car universal … all indications are that:
Automotive supplies into the fast consumption of, toward the individual
consumer, the development of the development trend of fashion consumption . The
community is step into the automotive era, automotive supplies industry,
management level, technical level, service level facing enormous challenges.
Ultimately, the talent level can keep up with the problem.

The automobile market due to the excessive
growth of the sales market, Given the impact and influence of the
uncertainties, the automotive supplies industry also to undergo complex,
intense domestic market competition, production, marketing, after-market should
have a new development and changes, including marketing, skilled personnel and
after-sales-skilled personnel, as well as aftermarket and sales markets, the
rapid development of incompatible conditions have become increasingly prominent
restrict car market and car sales market, thereby increasing the auto market
after the quality of talent potential inevitable.

Such as opening a few examples, where
people of insight to recognize that the focus of talent, and side aspects
enhance the quality of staff through various training. Enterprise training
should include what senior corporate trainer and enterprise training should
include at least the following five aspects. These five aspects are job skills
training, innovation training, teamwork training, the time to create wealth and
personal effectiveness training, image and psychological training. Specific
details are as follows: Main products: car dvd player and in car camera,
are with good quality.

Job skills training to make employees
better in this position, focus on enhancing the operational capacity of the
staff used to improve the job skills training, basic training in the training system
of the modern enterprise.

Remain competitive in the vagaries of the
environment, not only must adopt new knowledge and skills to deal with new
thingsFree Reprint Articles, and treatment must also be true for the old things.